Beach and caps brands jumping under the umbrella

by Monday, August 12, 2013

Luckily they aren't in Forte dei Marmi. Here at Castiglione della Pescaia, the situation is much quieter. If there's one thing I don't understand, I've never understood, fashion is going to the beach with the hyper signature bag. The most chic is the Neverfull by Louis Vuitton, I use buttandoci all year round in all the Office. You think, then, that I'll be willing to use it even on vacation?!

I know, I know. Need to say “I can. I've got the money to use as a Vuitton beach bag, DG, Gucci…”. Yes, Why do you think mica then reuses it in town. The sand, now, It is tucked everywhere.

Who tells him that he has always been quite buzzo go all Bejeweled on the beach, Vuitton including?

That then, generating phenomena also worst emulation. Because worse than the LV from the beach there is the LV tarocca, now also available in a limited edition version with the inscription
some vip resorts (You can only buy in the Vuitton store location, or by vu’ cumprĂ  most fashionable of all beaches in Italy).
Worse of LV from tarocca Beach, There are caps that jump, intentionally noisily, under the umbrella. By Spumantini, obvious, There's the spending review! Just that the CAP is the bang and the beach can turn to see what happens. I wonder with great curiosity as you can drink wine at two o'clock in the afternoon 35 degrees in the shade. That I am not a wine addict?!



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