Nigella as all women against whom it unleashes violence of men

by Monday, June 17, 2013


And so also in the gourmet world we now have a vip testimonial of violence against women. This is Nigella Lawson, whose husband just a few days ago has seen fit to put his hands around my neck in a famous London restaurant (read the news about Independent).

Only in Italy in these early 2013 There are around forty women killed and we have not made any deal with summer and the heat that, laughing, but you tried instead gives head, especially those heads that hatch troubles thoughts. I have a dog in 6 months I can say that every day I see 2 and there's always a tragedy like that in fact of Chronicle, Once on two ends with a dead. But even when there is no dummy, things should not be underestimated and I wonder how we can get to much. Maybe there are too many people around who think they own, as well as things of life and then when they lose that possession for pride or for a form of wrong love lose the light of reason, because they feel they have to do anything to regain that person.

I think that all this violence is in part due to the progressive loss of respect that exist between known persons, and even between people and animals. Each one now becomes his facts, does not comply with the rules, doesn't look more in your face nobody, speak aloud at the restaurant, holding the ball music all day, It does not collect the dog made pupù on the sidewalk. So Much, who cares. So, If the value of others is no longer perceived, I am surprised that the value attributed to human life is extremely low. I rather see you from bottom to top, spread against blue skies this summer finally arrived, I think you should take more into account yourself, and run some’ less for a while’ most everything you have: a garden, a child, a dog that circles around me happy to see you. And maybe try to look around, look into my eyes and smile a while’ more.



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