Artusiana Festival and Premio Marietta. Here are the 5 finalists of the contest and the program. From 22 June in Forlimpopoli

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Share Seventeen for the Artusiana Festival (22-30 June), far from being intimidated by the superstitious number cabal. A bet that began many years ago when few talked of the kitchen (Today we are faced with an unstoppable tsunami), with always looking ' beyond ', almost wanted to mark a further step in relation to the debate around. Witness the fil rouge of this edition: the Italian cuisine in the world, yesterday and today. A theme just deepened cultural aspects, Despite the Italian cuisine is a brand celebrated all over the world. Yet if today in the United States 70 percent of Italian products do not come from Italy (Foundation source Academia Barilla) any question is right porsela. Here's the ' why ' of this new bet artusiana, Forlimpopoli in transforming national centre of gravity with its 150 appointments between workshops and tastings, and a twenty meetings focused on food culture. A big stage of taste at the foot of rocca trecentesca, in the historic center, where the streets are renamed and the alleys and squares are characterized as real culinary paths.

All this with a peculiarity that characterises the event: support the food meant as tasting pleasure of the palate, social and cultural reflection of the table, its conscious use, environmental sustainability, the typical, to quote some themes. Here, the App-eritivi at Casa Artusi, appointment with reading with well-known characters and protagonists of national culture (Francesca Fellini, Alberto Capatti, Massimo Montanari, Giovanna Frosini, to mention a few names), the tribute to Federico Fellini and the bicentennial Verdi, the renewed combining noodle Romagna and Tuscany and more.

Main events, with the program available for download on the site

The Italian cuisine in the world

After talking about Artusi in many countries of the world, especially on the occasion of the centenary of the 2011 with the documentary exhibition and its multilingual catalogue "100, 120, 150: Pellegrino Artusi and Italian units in the kitchen ", This edition of the Festival Artusiana seeks to focus, the great theme of Italian cuisine in the world.

The Italian took shape, over the centuries, How to share local cultures that crossed, over and under, mutually enriched. In this long historical process – that Pellegrino Artusi a century ago gave a sudden acceleration – the country has seen varied gastronomic identity consolidation and changing, rich in solid traditions and stimulating innovations.

Well, What role did in this story the contribution of Italians emigrated abroad? As has been proposed and interpreted Italian food outside of Italy? What form they took our culinary traditions to the contact with different cultures? The extraordinary success that Italian cuisine in the world today is the result of his personality or his ability to adapt?

On these issues we discuss in Casa Artusi Sunday 23 June at 18,30. Talking about this Massimo Montanari (University of Bologna), Simone Cinotto (University of gastronomic Sciences, Pollenzo), Emanuela Scarpellini (University of Milan), Margarita Fores, (Casa Artusi Philippines) and, in Skype link from California, Artusi award 2007 Gino Angelini. Along with their, other protagonists of Italian restaurants in collaboration with the Associazione Cuochi italiani nel mondo CIM directed by Marco Medal.

Not only. Evidence of breath more and more International the event's permanent spaces will offer tasting Party of Austrian cuisine, the scents and products of the Adriatic through the Ecomuseum of Batana House Ruin (Croatia), Catalonian cuisine, the French region of Rhône-Alpes, not to mention the celebration of twinning with the town of Villeneuve-Loubet home of Auguste Escoffier has reached its thirteenth anniversary, and the link with the Filipino witnessed the opening of casa Artusi in Manila.

Marietta Honorary Awards

Local and global, in a Word Glocal, Interweave in Marietta Award honorary doctorates given to Casa Artusi Sunday 23 June at 20,45. This year's winners are internationally renowned pastry chef Miro M and the Italian Ambassador in the Philippines Margarita Fores. Common element that unites them: Italian cuisine abroad, in the name of Pellegrino Artusi. Is their story to tell. Mancini, forlimpopoli adoption, It requires national level thanks to its sweet pastry art proposals, makes some experiences around the world, his creative path ends in Forlimpopoli. Different route, but the substance does not change, for Margarita Fores, moonstruck Italian cuisine in a trip in our country 1986, the exports to the Philippines up to make a quality brand enriched by Pellegrino Artusi figure with the opening in Manila last year of "Casa Artusi Philippines". Attend the ceremony two ambassadors: S. AND. Virgilio. Reyes, Jr. the Philippines Ambassador in Italy and Luca Fornari, the Italian Ambassador in Manila that claimed the deal with Casa Artusi.

During the evening, to honor the extraordinary figure of faithful Marietta, theatrical performance portrayed by actress Tita Ruggeri, written by Sara Oates titled “Maria S…known as Marietta”.

Leads the evening the artist Enrico Zabala.

The delivery of the prestigious Premio Artusi, This year the Italian American experience Mary Ann Esposito, will take place Saturday 14 September to Casa Artusi.

Marietta Award: amateur cooks at Casa Artusi

Sunday 23 June There will be an epilogue Marietta award, the national competition amateur cooks dedicated to the faithful housekeeper of Artusi, Marietta Sabatini. The five finalists, cooking school in the Casa Artusi to make their dishes, inspired by the famous Artusi manual. To judge a panel of experts led by Verdiana Gordini, President of the Association of Mariette. For the winner a prize of 1.000 euro, While all finalists will receive 5 Kg of pasta.

Two journalists, a craftsman, a housewife, an employee, on behalf of the entire peninsula and confirmation of an increasingly national event: from Sicily (Enna) Sardinia (Sassari), via Puglia (Taranto), the capital of Italy and Lombardy (Lecco). Are the five finalists Marietta award 2013, the national competition amateur cooks dedicated to the faithful housekeeper of Artusi, Marietta Sabatini.

Sunday 23 June starting from 9,30 will be in the kitchen cooking school of Casa Artusi to Forlimpopoli to realize their recipes inspired by the famous Artusi manual, "La scienza in cucina e L'arte di mangiar bene". To explore and taste their dishes will be a jury chaired by Verdiana Gordini, President of the Association of Mariette.

Thing in common that unites the five finalists is being amateur cooks and a passion for cooking grew up in many different ways and different. As in the case of Rolando Repossi di Casatenovo (Lecco), which the pen of the journalistic profession has joined the stove, presenting 'Constantine's grandmother's ravioli. Same profession, but different ingredients and recipe, for Ada Parisi in Rome with 'Busiati with pesto and sardines, citrus fruits, pistachios and pine nuts ', While tied to the traditions of Sardinia is the craftsman plate Pasquale Tanda by Thiesi (Sassari) in the final with 'Succuasciuttu to thiesina '. The employed Daniela Course Enna presented 'Colorful butterflies on the lawn of Leonforte beans cream and flowers of piacentinu ennese dop’, the housewife Maria Cristina Da Silva Massafra (Taranto) will 'Maltagliati of gren iars to Bluefish Mediterranean flavors on cream of chickling’.

There are a thousand euro and especially the prestige of being considered "heirs" of Marietta Sabatini, one who shared hundreds and hundreds of recipes along with the father of Italian cuisine, Pellegrino Artusi. The Award ceremony will always be on Sunday 23 June at 20,45 at Casa Artusi during the Festival Artusiana.


Many proposals from street performances at concerts, from children's shows, popular music, blues and jazz.

This year the street performances that characterize the Festival will have a Director of author: Simone Toni, loved actor and Director, is in charge of the artistic direction, with the task of selecting actors within schools of theater he conducted.

The selected artists will participate in a preparatory workshop to create opportunity at the party entertainment, with food-related topics, hunger and, inevitably, to our Commedia dell'Arte.

As part of the Festival Artusiana intends ArtusiJazz, Festival organized by the cultural association "By de Jazz" of Forlimpopoli, which became an appointment to listen live, in corte della Rocca, the most important names of the Italian jazz scene.

Important proposals from the Popular music school Forlimpopoli who earned over the years, with a rigorous work of research and study, great credit both in national and international markets (


The ' good ' Party is one of the event's highlights artusiana, at the forefront of quality enhancement products, guarantee of authenticity, authenticity and link with the territory, within a food production that respects the natural and cultural environment of origin. So are the efforts of area bed and breakfast di Campagna Amica between Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, "The treasures of the area" with a product, exposed, narrated and tasted every evening. And still, the "Città dei sapori" with products of Florence, Cervia, San Mauro Pascoli, Sogliano al Rubicone, Udine, Verghereto and Polsella; the Union Montana Acquacheta; the Comunità Montana dell'appennino and many other proposals still.

In Addition 40 also the points by entertainment located in different places, In addition to the 11 restaurants already present in the town of Forlimpopoli.




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