With the heat, eye to food poisoning. Here's 10 expert advice

by Saturday, June 15, 2013


Every year about 40 thousand people in Europe who are victims of food poisoning. Blame mainly on bad habits that can cause diseases or serious inconvenience, however sometimes we spoil blue days to spend maybe on the beach or in the mountains. So what, We see 10 expert advice not to gas.


  • GENERAL RULES: especially with the heat, avoid storing foods at room temperature; When you carry out foods home, Although use refrigerants bags, consumateli soon; Beware the ice or coolers, are not true freezers, In fact, opening the door you will notice the presence of 1 or 2 stars, indicating a higher temperature of -18° C freezer. These spaces can be used to make ice, or to keep food for a period ranging from 3 days (1 Stella) for a month (2 stars). More information about food storage can be found on in the article: "How do you keep your food".
  • MEAT: Avoid buying meat outside the authorized sales exercises; In fact, If the slaughtering is not carried out according to the rules of hygiene, It is more likely that the meat may be contaminated. The meat should be thoroughly cooked, because high temperatures kill most germs responsible for infections. The cooking of the meat must be such as to allow the Center temperature is reached at least 69° C. Attention, then, incomplete cooking, whom cooking barbeque, whom, sometimes, does not allow achieving "sweetheart" of temperatures required.
  • Fish and seafood: prefer well-cooked fish and consume fish purchased at certain businesses. If you want to eat raw fish, or undercooked, all the restaurants that serve, by law, must have previously passed in a blast chiller for 24 hours at -20° C. If you would like to tell your fishmonger you will want to eat it raw, in this case, the store will have to demolish it before selling it. With killing bacteria and parasites is very hazardous to your health (like the anisakis unfortunately now widely used in many seas fish) are neutralized. Seafood, If you are not certified (read the label on the package) should not be eaten raw, Remember that it is not true that the lemon has the power to eliminate any bacteria or viruses present.
  • Vegetables and fruits: discard the damaged product part; should always be washed thoroughly, regardless of where you purchased. AND’ always better to wash by adding baking soda to the water or other sanitizers.
  • WATER: always make sure the water is safe to drink when you drink from fountains. In doubt, prefer bottled water.
  • EGGS: eat well-cooked and purchased at authorized shops, wash them well before breaking them on preparations because they might be contaminated with tiny and invisible parts of hen feces; the greatest danger that we run with eggs is a contraction of salmonellosis, do not wash but just purchased, because this way you would remove an external patina that ensures better conservation.
  • DESSERTS AND ICE CREAM: Are responsive and easy to food bacterial cultures, make sure you have not expired and that they were perfectly preserved. Do not keep them out of the fridge if not for eating, and in any case not retained for more than 1-2 days the sweets made with cream and eggs and at a temperature of 5° C or lower. The ice cream must be kept in the freezer, But if you were on the table until it becomes almost non-you may re-freeze them. Ice cream kept in the freezer should be consumed, It's a bad habit, extract a pan, eat a little and put it back in the freezer for several times. Take out of the freezer you consume ice cream only.
  • HYGIENE: Remember to always wash your hands before and after handling raw foods; use gloves if you have wounds or lesions on the hands; keep pets away from the place where stored foods, because they carry harmful microorganisms; always keep clean and tidy surfaces and utensils used for cooking (especially in the preparation of different foods); avoid contact with flies or other insects; even in the fridge to store food in airtight containers and separated for foodstuff. At home put everything in the refrigerator opened cans and make sure that the foods are always covered in oil from the oil.
  • COOKING: prefer cooked food consumption, especially as regards meat, fish, seafood and eggs.
  • PURCHASING LOCATIONS: always apply to authorized dealers and proven trust. A good shop should be neat and clean, avoid those that do not have these characteristics. Before buying check that packaged food is perfectly sealed packaging is wet or covered in frost, the bottles have Cap intact.

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