To all saffron | Beef Tenderloin Tartare and robiola

by Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tartare di filetto di manzo e robiola copia2

Beef Tenderloin Tartare and robiola

·600 g. of tenderloin ·250 g. of tomatoes ·4 slices of bread ·100 g. robiola ·1 sachet of Saffron ·1 lemon ·1 bunch Arugula ·salt and oil q. b.

Clean the tomatoes and remove the seeds, Add salt and let it leak water, dry them and cut them into small cubes. Cut the bread into cubes and make toast with a little olive oil. Chop the meat or cut by hand in small cubes, dress with salt, mix and stir lemon juice where loose half a sachet of Saffron, the oil and the toasted bread cubes. Mix well all ingredients. Place the prepared meat on the plates, pressing it into ring molds to a cylindrical shape, spalmatela with robiola worked with the other half of Saffron and salt. Cover with a layer of tomatoes and served with Arugula and a little olive oil.

Recipe from COOKBOOK BUNNY N. 6, at page. 57. You can browse, Download or request additional copies of the cookbooks Bunny by accessing the site.


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