The palate that changes with the crisis. Strong flavoured foods, snacks and energy drinks

by Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The palate, you know, changes with the history and socio-economic situations that it brings with it. Now, pare, love strong flavours. , is changed, and you go to the strong flavours: the consumption of spicy food, smoked, salted, spicy, acerbi and amari, In fact, nearly doubled over the past three years.

To tell you the "Top 10" food trends 2013 compiled of the Institute of Food Technologists of
Chicago and published, these days, on "Food Technology". Among the first places there are "fresh" foods deemed
"healthy" by 9 people on 10. The 80% search the term "fresh" on products sold in supermarkets and
the 58% the search on the menus of restaurants. Follow the terms "homemade", "seasonal", "not frozen", by
"free-range animals". The 78% consumers seek out the vitamins in foods we buy
(especially D,(C), B and omega 3).

Increases exponentially even those who eat alone, including children. At the top of the "Top 10", prepared foods for one person, While in restaurants sprouting portions from "a bite" (increase of 8% in 3 years). In the "travel" foods, Mini portions sweet or savoury (love from 45% of consumers). Moms, Finally, prefer "organic food and No-GMO ".

In General, According to the study, between need and desire to save, but also curiosity to experience, also increased the time that consumers spend in the kitchen. The 72%, According to Harris, in 2012 cooked more at home than in 2011, and in a flat on three style has changed, venturing into the use of new ingredients, and introducing more fruits and vegetables. At the same time, though, It also increases the consumption of snacks, in all age groups: in 2012, According to Technomic data, the 73% consumers made a snack for snack (+5% on 2010), and the 39% If it is granted to mid-morning (+9%). Also interesting is the data about which products have grown more: the energy drink did score a leap of 15,5%, followed by products for weight control and the "nutritional" drinks, to +12,7%, tallonati liquors and spirits, to +12,6%. Good coffee and tea "ready to drink", +6,3%, and wine, to +5,2%.


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