Caveau. Lego-style wine cellar that I like very

by Saturday, April 20, 2013


This object I like a lot. It seems to me the Legos of wine cellars from home, that leaves you free to create what you want: cellar, smoking table, nightstand… That is why I share with you the press release I just received.


Caveau ™ is an innovative modular wine racks from which takes form a modular wine cellar. Conceived by the precise need for transforming the classic wooden container for bottles of wine in a cross design, and renewable reusable over time, the dynamism of Quarried ™ allows you to organize and customize all environments. Each use highlights its eclectic character: for domestic use, to set up stand, as an exhibitor for sommeliers or simply to decorate your business premises.

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS. Caveau ™ modules are made of Birch plywood and may contain 1, 2, 3 or 6 bottles. There is also the availability of basic support and ancillary lines for maximum personalization of the housing: each module can be signed with decorative motifs, trade names and phrases, graphics and playing pictures that represent the personality.

The internal accommodation, covered by a green material that ensures total protection, respond to a single standard and are perfectly compatible and adaptable to each other, to accommodate multiple bottle formats used in the world of Bordeaux, conical torso/Bordeaux, Burgundy, renana, Albeisa, sciampagnotta and similar forms, ensuring the transport from one to six pieces in complete safety.

Assembled horizontally or vertically, Caveau ™ modules create sculptures details, continue or interspersed with gaps, extroverts furniture and partitions. Caveau ™ is available in the standard colours red bordeaux, MOSS Green, warm grey, avio blue, natural and, on request, in all nuance.

USE. The use of Quarried ™ is intuitive and immediate: Gift pouch, bottle racks and modular wine cellar, are the main uses:

  • How gift pouch, the internal accommodation can accommodate any form, Thanks to the adjustable stroke which rests on the notches located at different heights. The retainers lock neck and bottle for greater stability. The top slide, to prevent opening during transport, is fixed with a protective cover.
  • As bottle holders, the bottle is repositioned in the opposite direction to the opening hole, using the same procedure used for the gift pouch. Cap locks the sliding part. The travel fund is adjusted by means of the notches, stops bottle and firm neck repositioned. The opening hole, is closed with the included Tablet.
  • As modular cellar, the top, After removing the protective cover, flows, allowing a smooth bottle Jack, which is placed in the opposite direction, with the neck facing shaped opening hole laser, deleted accordingly with a small pressure. At this point, just adjust the bottom out at the desired height for the wine show. Each Quarried ™ can be stacked or side-by-side through the screw fastening ensures.

CAVÓ_ GREEN. ECO DESIGN IN EVOLUTION. Caveau ™ is manufactured with certified materials to 100% eco-compatible, using specific adhesives to zero impact, a total respect for nature and the environment, and was designed to meet specific needs: as a container, to make it easy, handy and safe transportation; as an exhibitor, to celebrate elegance and practicality of modular cellar.

The solution represents a winning combination of values of eco-sustainability, reuse and recyclability of a classic as the container of wine bottles, proposed modern now, flexible, last but not least economic and creative for the end user, with His ™, now has the ability to eliminate the long-standing problem of accumulating mixed boxes ends in themselves.

Full respect for the environment according, Finally, with the economic sustainability of the project: Caveau ™ is, In fact, the positive example of a young start-up that looks out to the market and becomes a need in business opportunities, under the banner of green philosophy.

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  • Maria Rosaria Scarnati
    October 9, 2015

    in which store closest to my city (Caserta)You can buy and what price has the form three bottles?Thank you

    • Gourmet Geisha
      October 12, 2015

      Dear Maria Rosaria, you have to go directly to the site of the company and ask them. In the post you will find the link to the site. Hello!

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