Joe Bastianich, How come you never muoro in Usa?!

by Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dear Joe Bastianich,
Now that I've seen 4 or 5 episodes of Masterchef Usa, I assured. In Italy you have built good bad character pulling like dishes’ frisbee, You schifa before any preparations over the national average and that launches the smash “Want muoro?”, aided by Crozza who has made even more famous with the parody Bastardchef. The problem, Dear Joe, is that if one sees your u.s. version of judge can only get a few questions…
1. How Come “want muoro” does not say never competitors from Masterchef Usa even when you make a rice with pork pins, crab and crayfish?!
2. How does a gastrochic like you judging evidence type Cook burgers and fries for 200 children? In Italy the contestants cook up dishes for mountain guides…
3. As ever in the Usa go to jujube soup for a tomato soup with toast and cheese in Italy do not transpire a thrill even for recipes like this ?!
4. How is it that the dishes in the Usa never throws them like frisbees, even when the salmon that was cooked remained uncooked medium?!

Is the tv, beauty, right? All right, but a character has to be consistent with his script: It is not that you can do the villain in Italy, the good in Usa, strict but not too in Australia, etc!


Waiting to find answer to these questions, Joe, We are waiting for you in your country of origin in June, When you arrive to shoot the third edition of MasterChef and to open a luxurious restaurant in Cividale del Friuli, the Bastianich Winery, where we will find you and to see live what does the restaurant most wanted man in Italy.
With sympathy,



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