Even in Italy comes Junior Masterchef. Registrations are already open. Who are the judges!?

by Sunday, April 14, 2013

Those who know the Australian knew that sooner or later would arrive in Italy… And here it is, the press release went out Friday 12 April SKY website:

Passion for cooking has infected all, adults and children: thousands have already signed up to the cooking show on Sky One with the dream of becoming the third MasterChef of Italy. But the real dreamers, you know, are the smallest: they will be the protagonists of Junior MasterChef Italy, airing soon on Sky One!

We are looking for young talents between 8 and the 13 years with a passion for cooking! If your child is a wonder at the stove and think has the credentials to become the first Junior MasterChef Italian, iscrivilo selections. Call 02.36557691 or send your request to junior@masterchefitalia.it indicating the name, surname, Date of birth, City and attaching a photo and a short presentation.

Stay tuned to discover all the surprises that we are preparing for you!

It seems that the first episode will air on 25 February 2014, but before that there is to find who are the Cracco-Bastianich-Barbieri Junior version.

I would:
Curl for curl, the parameshwaran of Chaudhary wants the sympathetically histrionic Moreno Cedroni, He has also written a cookbook with his little girl.

How I wish restaurant man disruptive Alessandro Pipero sympathy, instead of the fake bad Bastianich.

Baba I would keep even for Junior Masterchef, verace and Grand Master enough to drive the small budding cooks to discover the raw magic and recipes of the Italian cuisine.

You, What do you say?


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  • Simone
    May 7, 2013

    Forse grazie a questo programma posso diventare un vero “chef”

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