Recco Focaccia with raw beef Eblex-English

by Thursday, April 11, 2013

Recco Focaccia with raw beef Eblex-English

Recipe by Andrea Berton within Food and Design initiative organized by RCS in cooperation with Identità Golose

Recco focaccia with raw beef sirloin and spicy tomato Compote

For the raw beef
400 g Beef sirloin- 50 g extra virgin olive oil- 2 sodi-egg yolks Peel of lime and lemon
- Pepper-salt
- Maldon salt
Clean the Sirloin of beef and cut into thin slices. Cut the meat with a knife in order to obtain a precise and uniform tartare. Season with salt, pepe, oil, The microplane grate lemon peel, the lime and the yolks firm. Check of taste.

For the tomato Compote
500 g tomatoes (only the water)- 42 g-40 g sugar water – 
lemon .25 (Peel and juice)- 4 drops of essence of mustard – Peel 2 lime zest to the microplane
Cook all ingredients together in a saucepan over low heat until juice reduction, blend, scour and verify the consistency. Add the cold mustard essence and the skins of lime. Check of taste.

On each disc of focaccia of Recco place 50 g raw meat seasoned. Complete with tomato compote and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.



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