San Bonifacio | Verona | Ai Tigli

by Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The best mix ever, Lightweight, crunchy, easy to digest, that when you finish eating, you'd be almost ready to start. There's a reason why Simone Padoan is Simone Padoan, praised to criticism, forged not only into Italy by legions of self-styled imitators, much loved by its audience, that ranges from gourmet and 16-year-olds for free exit. Yes, because of him, AI Tigli di San Bonifacio, you enjoy classic pizza 5 euro and creative 32 euro, but all really amazing quality. It is true, the famous cheeseburger-pizza is nothing wrong, but I even dropped in ecstasy as tell other tasters. Is the delicacy of most striking combinations and the quality of the raw material, from great returner of haute cuisine. Padoan fires, check, Studia. Other 4 boys make up your pizza, everything in the sunlight, behind a glass window that can ideally art, kitchen, thoughts. No disappointment? Sweets, but that's not why you come here… for the remaining, pizza with scallops, the cheeseburger, the hoax and San Daniele 18 months, all clean. Who is with me no doubt: Luckily I do not have in house, otherwise I'd be ruined… It already is planning the next visit here.








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