The Franciacorta to share 14 millions of bottles and + 25% in revenue. It outclasses the TrentoDoc. Here are the foreign data Italy-Zahid, OVSE AND UIV

by Thursday, February 28, 2013


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The Franciacorta in 2012 consolidates its position with a positive performance and contrast that makes recording a growth of volumes of 25% with respect to the 2011, a consumer value of nearly 270 million euros (average bottle price 19,41 euro, VAT included) and 13,854 millions of bottles sold (against the firm TrentoDoc which should be approximately 10 millions of bottles, but the data have not yet been announced).

«We are satisfied with the results achieved this year, the growth has increased consistently in the volumes and values, keeping constant the average price per bottle», State Maurizio Zanella, President of the Franciacorta Consortium, Commenting on the data 2012 obtained fromEconomic Observatory, detection instrument set up for over a year inside the Franciacorta Consortium which collects reliable data of associated companies.

On the market, In addition, the question has expressed a growing consensus towards the Rosé, that points out an increase of 50%, and on the Satèn, that corresponds to approximately 10% of the total production.

From the processing of the data shows that the Franciacorta had a sharp increase in the number of bottles sold in Central Italy, in particular, Lazio and Campania, Although North Italy keep widely the sales record with a + 19%.

Abroad Franciacorta retains its appeal. The incidence of total export of bottles sold shall be equal to 8%. The main market is confirmed the Japan, to follow Germany, Switzerland and North America.

Outlets interesting show England and Northern Europe. In 2013 are being planned new communication activities with the aim of promoting the Franciacorta and the Franciacorta even in these markets.

"In Italy we will further develop the penetration in some areas, primarily in southern Italy; the first date of the itinerant Festival will be the 22 April in Bari – concludes Maurizio Zanella. Abroad, We begin immediately with the Prowein 24 March in Düsseldorf, We then planned new promotional activities in the Usa, Uk , Northern Europe and Japan».


According to OVSE's Ian Comolli, in 2012 were produced 465 millions of bottles and was touched the roof of 450 mil/bott untapped made in Italy, of which abroad 305 millions, in 78 Countries, about 180 millions in untapped new year's Eve. For more than 99% the export is obtained with sparkling Italian method (Prosecco, Asti and Spumante), but strong growth (+21%) the traditional method (Franciacorta and Trento).

<<The sentiment Italy – says Giampietro Comolli – is very strong abroad for everything that revolves around the kitchen and table. High quality, true value, recognisability and pinch's Dressup sets. Useful means to grow, reducing the occasional dialogue and individuality, focusing on continuity, solid local reports. Absolutely not yield on global quality>>.

Global consumption is growing at double digits compared to 2011, +12,96%. Europe is the 54% volumes (+3,7% on 2011) with approximately 164,7 millions of bottles and a 51% global value (+1,1%) with Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Norway down 8%; France, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria and Poland up 11%. The France in particular goes from approximately 5 mil/bott imported almost 9 millions, mainly Prosecco and Moscato, with an "enclave" for Franciacorta. Net recovery in Germany (+2,9%) and UK higher (+9%), to install the second place of Usa in exported volumes.

Prestigious bits are represented by Japan and far East attested on a +11% in value, but with highly variable volumes by country, from 6% al 22% of Korea, from a base of small numbers, but growing. In total about 9 million bottles more than in 2011, — about 31 millions of bottles served in the far East, Oceania, Australia. China represents a market with double-digit growth, but begins to submit import diversity to be taken into consideration.

In Russia wins the Prosecco and sparkling wine source generic Piedmontese and Lombard. For Italian sparkling wines the "former USSR" records an increase in the consumption 8% with an increase of the values of 3%. A difficult market and fluctuating due to prohibition, taxes on alcohol, rules for importers with some signs of strong discontinuity infidelity on some labels. The Russia and former Ussr countries, EU not, taken together, represent slightly less than 12% total consumption, or about 33,3 millions of bottles.

In The Americas, the different markets, respond differently: the Canada returns to gallop with numbers, less with the values; the United States maintains a growing trend and continuous adjustment which makes it the quietest and market prospect (along with Britain and Germany). Controlled growth continues for years, approx. 15% of the world total, — 45,6 millions of bottles, including Mexico and the booming central countries (+9%). South America overall, albeit with some marginal relaxation, does it record a +9% by volume even higher growth in value, reaching the 6% global market, equal to 21,3 millions of untapped in bottles 2012. You confirm Brazil and Argentina leader with average increase of 14%, but also grow Columbia and Uruguay.

First estimate export record in Italian 2012, at an altitude of 4,652 BN. EUR. The sparkling wines contribute significantly with an increase of the value at the source 945 mil/€ (+15%). World consumption Italian bubbles produce a turnover of 2,5 BN. EUR (+19,10% with respect to the 2011), worldwide, almost equally divided between Horeca channels and several DO.


Bearish scenario is that expected for Italy by the company specializing in market research Iwsr. In the usual Outlook 2016 commissioned by Vinexpo, and presented a few days ago by the chairman of the fair's wine consumption in our country between 2012 and 2016 will of 5%, to 285 millions of cases from 9 litres. This will significantly reduce the still wines (-5%, to 275 millions of crates), While sparkling wine will contract the request of just less than 1% (10 millions of poor loudspeakers).

This bearish scenario continues and worsens, then race to downgrade the consumption started since Italy 2007: in four years at 2011, According to Iwsr, the reduction in consumption was 2,5% (by 311 to 303 millions of crates). In total, between 2007 and 2016, Therefore a filing includes Iwsr consumption of 8% .

Color level, staying in still wines segment, the most worrying setback is that of red wines, under falling between 2012 and 2016 of 7% (135 millions of crates). The 3% plenty of loss will be the preserve of white wines (136 millions), While the trend should invertiere rosé wines, set up 4%, to 4,2 millions of crates.

In terms of retail sales values, the British company is a general loss of 5% between 2012 and 2016, to 8,3 billions of dollars, against a -2% charged between 2007 and 2011. In the nine years (2007/16), the cumulative loss of 8% will be.

We come finally to the price ranges: the lower end, that under 5 dollars, is expected to decrease of 8%, to 246 millions of crates, While the scenario is rosy for the higher bands. increase in the 14% for that between 5 and 10 dollars and 23% for that above 10.


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