Wine tasting with Elisa Mazzavillani (Marta Wines V.g)

by Tuesday, February 26, 2013



Elisa Mazzavillani

The company motto is A female cellar: in the vineyard from 1999 Marta, in the cellar 2009 the daughter Elisa Mazzavillani, young and passionate winemaker that told us about its products and then, inevitably, a large slice of his life. Is dedicated to the memory of his father Delio, for example, the only White House: the Delyus, original – and spot on – blend by albana (60%), pignoletto and grechetto (20% each). «Do not sell wines that are not ready», says, This makes us taste 2010: «Albana is a albino Red», reminds us of, «and its tannin needs some’ of time».

“Astemia redeemed” (like myself), recently elected regional delegate of the Association Le Donne del Vino, Elisa absolute trust in the vine nourishes-symbol of his Romagna: the sangiovese. Vinified in purity, is offered in four different versions (Sangiovese based, Top, Reserve and Vendemmia tardiva) they carry all the old name Castrum Castrocari. Grapes from different vineyards for each type and barrels of different measures and steps, used with wisdom for shorter or longer periods, generate various pleasant wines for every occasion and for a variety of combinations. Among the four tasted samples, all of the thousandth 2009, the reserve is remembered for the complexity of aromas, the large structure, the imposing tannins but refined, the pleasant bitter end: a wine that is worth the purchase today, Maybe to wait some time – not necessarily to forget “n” years in the cellar.

The taste of Nora, dedicated to Elisa's brother, turns out amazing. From most indigenous native Let's quintessence of the international: 100% cabernet sauvignon, yet 2009, all aged in barriques French oak in the second and third step. A wine without compromise, with a robust vegetable note, remarkable freshness, good structure and non-invasive tannins.

Spectacular closing of tasting with one of the many dessert that hypocritical legislation requires us to call “wine from overripe grapes”: the one signed calling V.g EL (as Elisa, Obviously), is a red impenetrable and on the thousandth 2010 is written for the 20% from cabernet sauvignon and for 80% from malbo gentile, rare grape that in Emilia and Romagna is finding Nail Polish. An intoxicating chalice (the 15% alcohol is felt…), to taste with passion and slowness, non-sweet-sweet, more from chocolate cake – If you really want something machine.



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