Cherry bread

by Sunday, February 17, 2013

pane amarena montalto antica corte pallavicina

Back to the recipe of Antonio Montalto, pastry chef of the Antica Corte Pallavicina. Here's what it offers.

Cherry bread in shape

I created this salty-sweet bread with sour cherries after having tasted at a restaurant in Rome.

I wasn't attracted to the texture but very sweet contrast of acid sour cherries in syrup. Then I wanted to bring these flavors in a coarser bread, more and son party alveolated a biga prepared 20 h before, that allows me to have a proper acidity but not too pushy and a pasta cooked right on the alveolus.

The taste of this product, I came immediately to mind that might be a "bread all do", I find it suitable from an excellent breakfast in the morning, passing as an accompaniment to meals and even to create delicious dessert ...;)

Biga 20 hours:

500 g flour "0"

210 g water

5 g compressed yeast

Knead all the ingredients together, must be a very dry chariot, almost no dough.

Let rise at a temperature of 17-20° C to 20 h.

Dough preparation:

biga +

700 g flour "0"

70 g soft butter

150 g of milk

200 g water

30 g salt

15 g sugar

3 g compressed yeast

Knead the flour with the biga, add yeast and sugar.

Then add butter and milk and gradually as the dough takes strength and absorbs add water in 2 times.

Finally add the salt, Verify that it is dissolved in the dough and come to a final temperature of 26° C.

Let the dough rest for about 1:0, break the weight you want, and leave to rise until reaching approximately 70% of its initial volume.

Form at your leisure by entering inside the sour cherries in syrup, formerly drained the syrup.

20/30 to rest ' again and bake at a temperature of 210° C for about 20 '(depends on the size)

With the 32% of moisture.

Finish cooking with the oven valve open to dry and form a crust more.


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Antica Corte Pallavicina


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