That's why the Lambrusco is the wine of the new life style.

by Friday, February 15, 2013


He had moments of glory and then, for many years, maybe even some accomplice’ of massification and much leaderships, has been synonymous with vinellino light and poor quality. But today is undoubtedly he, the Lambrusco, the wine of 2013 and that will be, He is the symbol of a new life style, a more sober life and less opulent, vibrant and vital but graceful and easygoing, ironic enough to take seriously until a certain point. And this is not to say that all the other wines, from the great Brunello to Franciacorta or Champagne will no longer be on our tables, Indeed: I think there will be, with the value they had at one time, as metaphors and messages that are confirming some moments’ more special but not rare. While he, Lambrusco, Pampers us with friendly and warmth will accompany us with his easy chic style that is elegant but not committed.

And we can have fun even for us wine lover, because of Lambrusco really, there are many. The race is to those who discovers a new one, one more good the last decreed the best, not to mention the various factions of fans that are divided between supporters of Grasparossa di Castelvetro and the ultras who prefer (almost) only the Sorbara, more traditional, mineral and less colorful than others. A vast world to explore, definitely priced in line with the times (6-10 euro per bottle on average). A world of a thousand shades of Red, by winking perfumes of red currant, mora, Cherry, Sometimes soft flavour, sometimes more sour and dry. A world that blends with many, many dishes (fish too), It's okay from the aperitif to the whole meal and can get to stand well with the sweet. A wine that is able to seduce with a mix of honesty and complexity never banal. And the average alcohol content of around 12%, Another interesting aspect and should not be underestimated, at the time whacking from alcoltest.

We begin to learn something more about Lambrusco? A useful site is that of the Institute of protection of Lambrusco,, or that of the Consortium for the historic mark of Modenese Lambrusci,

And now there is wanted to try something? Well, then here are some label from which:

– Marcellus of Lambrusco Arioli. The Company Ariola He has received numerous awards over the years for the high quality of its wines and Lambrusco Gran Cru Marcello got the award for "best sparkling wine in the world" atInternational Wine Challenge in London, in may 2011, Great Gold Medal Vinitaly exhibition 2011, Best Italian wine in "Annuario dei Migliori Vini Italiani by Luca Maroni ″ 2012.

– Lambrusco Ermete Medici concert. A great classic that does not betray ever and that you do not miss ever. Tre bicchieri by Gambero Rosso.

– Otello black Lambrusco Ceci. Great gold medal at the Vinitaly 2012.

– Lambrusco 910 by Lini.


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  • Emc_2u2
    February 13, 2013

    By…wines… Lui e la Somma articolista 😉 Grazie d’esistere ad entrambi, It is from when I was 12 years I try to catechize all snobs not to underestimate the power of genuine simplicity and unspoiled freshness than refinements too often menomanti in almost all food sectors.

  • irene
    March 30, 2013

    always appreciated but these massive shifts in consumer spending trouble me!

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