Even Artusi gives a Masterchef. Here is the contest for amateur chefs allergic to tv. There is time until 3 June to submit your own recipe

by Tuesday, February 12, 2013


The birthplace of Pellegrino Artusi pays homage to Mariette now. Men or women it makes no difference, the important thing is to be animated by passion amateur cooks to the kitchen and make a recipe inspired by the famous artusiano manual. Returns the Marietta Award, the national competition promoted by the municipality of Forlimpopoli, in collaboration with Casa Artusi and the Association of Mariette, dedicated to the famous ruler of Artusi.

Full figure, slender; Youth figure despite the white hair; distinct and elegant figure”, so describes Marietta Sabatini in recent unpublished documents found and published in the volume "Artusi and Romagna”, written in three hands from GED C, Piero Camporesi, Laila Taha. A figure, certainly, fundamental to the life of Pellegrino Artusi, If you think that you have the Romagna Gastronome bequeathed, In addition to the legacy of ben lire 8.000, the Copyright de ' La Scienza in cucina e L'arte di mangiare bene ', along with Rajguru Francis Cook. Marietta was in the kitchen trying and trying hundreds of recipes, While the Artusi corrected, He was revising the doses, rewrote the proceedings, incorporated the suggestions, explained and commented with personal reflections.

Mariette and the 2013 turns this contest that makes his home kitchen centerpiece.


How to join the Marietta Award

Contest entries are open until Monday, 3 June 2013: all recipes must be received by the municipality of Forlimpopoli (P.zza Fratti 2, 47034 Forlimpopoli) indicating "Marietta Award" by 13 on the same day.


To participate please send an original recipe of a first course (fresh or dried pasta or rice) executable in a maximum time of two hours. Prerequisite, the presence of references to regional home kitchen, the philosophy and work of Artusi, as much as ingredients in the preparation and presentation.


The participation (free) is exclusively reserved for amateur cooks. The recipes run must contain ingredients (for 5 people), the time of preparation and the type of cooking (oven, stove, more), references to the work of Artusi. Inside the envelope, the author must indicate their general information, a phone number, an e-mail address, and work proving the status of "amateur" of eno-gastronomy.


A jury of experts will select, among all the recipes received, the five finalists. Finalists will be invited chefs to cook their dishes, as tradition, during the 17Edition of Artusiana Festival, the gastronomic event in calendar from 22 June to 30 June 2013 in Forlimpopoli. The official award ceremony of the competition will take place in Forlimpopoli, in the days of the event.


For the winner a prize of 1.000 euro, While all finalists will receive 5 Kg of pasta. The jury will be composed of experts and chaired by Verdiana Gordini, President of the Association of Mariette that, in the name of the Cook Artusi, Casa Artusi promotes gastronomic culture of tradition.

Winner of 2012 was Raffaella Bugini Valbrembo Bergamo, Manager of a bank branch, who has Bewitched the jury with a "Moscato di scanzo risotto with biligòcc and strachitund fondue”.


Marietta Sabatini: a life at the Court of King Artusi

"The faithful Marietta" is a central figure in the work of Artusi. In the shade, certain, If the angle is the literary limelight, but in the foreground if you look at the substance and solidity of the gastronomic success of "Science in the kitchen". In addition to the legacy and copyrights mentioned, Pellegrino Artusi, devoted to her recipe for panettone (Marietta Panettone 604, Artusi which never wanted to replace sweet milanese recipe), that is why in the manual "is good cook and lots of good and honest to merit that I caption this cake with her name, having learned from her ".

Waitress and Cook, Marietta was originally from Massa e Cozzile, a small hill town in the province of Pistoia, where was born in 1860.

Service was taken from Artusi around 1887-1888, and remained near, efficient discrete faithful, until the end. Housekeeper, But even an escort of summer on the mountain pistoiese, Bagni di Montecatini or Viareggio, She is to reveal the daily habits of the revered master, his acquaintances, his passions, and especially the love of books.

In an interview in 1932 published in the Italian Cuisine Marietta speaks thus of Artusi: “The only entertainment was writing. The book began almost by ischerzo. Then he saw that it was good and there was. Gradually came to be matched with people of all walks of life and from every part of Italy. Always wrote. Got up at eight in the morning and started up table at lunch. Then resumed writing for a few hours. And it was a continuous alternation between the study and the kitchen, the pen and the pots. You tried the recipes, all, one by one. Next to him was his tireless Cook who wanted him as well. I also don't ever leave. Other faithful companions were the two cats to whom he dedicated the first edition of his book. […] The kitchen was for him a scope. A place of study. I still have and I like her jewelry scales, his tools, everything was needed and he always used”.

And still: “It was a terrible judge of, He knew the taste only recognize the ingredients and find any fault, immediately. Apart from the kitchen he liked to read […]. He was a very cultured man, and loved me coaching. And I was so thankful for this”.


For info: tel. 0543 749234/5; 0543 743138, info@festartusiana.it, www.pellegrinoartusi.it www.casartusi.it



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