The heart of rosé champagne jelly with blobs of red currant

by Monday, February 4, 2013

A simple recipe and malicious, great stage magic to serve in flûte flipped by Mumm for the lovers ' day.

The heart of rosé champagne jelly with blobs of red currant


1 dl currant juice

1 dl champagne g. H. Mumm Rosé

1 dl of water

3 g of agar

ribes for decoration



Pour ingredients in a saucepan and slowly bring to a boil. You reach the desired consistency, pour the mixture into the glass and add the currants adult. Allow to cool 30 minutes and serve with champagne.


NB. The ribes was chosen not only for the narrative power of its colour, but especially to enhance the aroma of this cuvée, champagne of great verve, one of the greatest expressions of rosé in the world. A fine nose of fresh fruit to sour trend where the aromas of Golden Apples, lime, Orange Blossom flowers are balanced by a hint of black currant and ripe blueberries that you experience only once swallowed.

To prolong the pleasure g. H. Mumm offers for S. Valentino 2013 the coffret ' Rosé In pairs ', the Cuvée ' hang out ' with 2 flûte. The look is catalyzed by colour, a pink onion skin, intense and character, prelude to an aromatic and gustative experience worth living.


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