Even Rebecca Bauer Ritz read Sex and the Wine…

by Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I read on Dissapore:

In Italy more than a third of those working in wine is woman. This is confirmed by the presence on the market of 115 thousand women holding wine cellars, equal to 30% of the total. And certifies also the strong presence of women in the areas of marketing and communication related to wine. Also according to the Beverage Information Group, women represent 58.1 % buyers from 2011.

And then who is considering redrawing the own wine label must not disregard by some tips that, Rebecca Bauer Ritz has collected in its Article for the Midwest Wine Press, entitled "women prefer wines with a story to tell". The journalist-blogger reporting statements by Liz Thach teacher of Enology at the Sonoma State University's School of Business and Economics in California, explains that according to their study "while men are more affected by reviews and authoritative by prestige brands, women are more concerned about the social experience of drinking wine and stories that lurk behind "the bottles. The men collect the wine, women share, men use wine to impress others, While women use it to create memories.

Damn… Reminds me of something… I take my Sex and the wine and read the second page (or patella):

There is a new generation of women who have a very special relationship with wine. Are the wine lover, the passionate wine. For them a glass of red wine, white or sparkling wine is not just a pleasure, but also a way to express themselves, in the same way as a dress, a lipstick, a glaze, a pair of shoes. One day you feel like a trick water and SOAP, are jeans and t-shirts and drink a Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa. Another day you wake up you feel a femme fatale and, along with your Gucci mind-boggling, you want a glamour aperitif made with Laurent-Perrier. For the wine lover is wine sensuality, malice, But even an evening among friends, or alone at home in the company of a good book or an episode of Sex and the city. Because wine for women has the same value as a song, a candle lit, of a poem, of that lingerie bought specifically for the first appointment, the drop of perfume mischievously neck mass. Here's, This is the wine that women want. The one who knows how to tell a story, his or yours no matter. The important thing is that both real and full of passion. So, Sex and the wine – The other half of the wine with its five protagonists – Cleo, Zoe, Giulia, Alessandra and Alice – proposes a new movement, that women who are more passionate about wine and food, and are sexy for this; Another point of view, more glamour and emotional, in respect of wine and food. But it also speaks of love, husbands, children, clichés, difficult to find in the complicated world of work, personal crisis and of the profound value of friendship.

A novel drink literally everything in one breath and savor to the last page.


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  • Serena Chambers
    February 21, 2013

    I discovered “sex and the wine” during a short break at de Cstellare’ Ripa Relais Colle Del Sole,in the room that I was destined, and I have to admit that even this delightful novel has helped to make my stay there special. After reading all in one go, I gave to my cousin, who shares my passion for wine and have it advertised. Congratulations Francesca!

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