Cooked vanilla milk, Green Apple and celery granita

by Thursday, January 17, 2013

Antonio's Mama

This is one of those desserts that I prefer. Starting with the lightness of the pot until the freshness that releases to our taste.

For this preparation, I chose the goat milk, because the fat globules are smaller than those of cow's milk, making it easier to digest.

A great product even for some people who have problems of digestibility of milk.

In the second phase, I thought a combination of colors with white and I like the Green.

So doing, I chose the Green Apple, also because I needed that sour note and then the celery that I from freshness and ,especially at the end of the meal, I cleanse the palate.

In this sweet,I used basically two basic ingredients, Apple and celery and, as my usual I try to do ,When studying a recipe, use the ingredients in every single edible part to make less difference can.


Baked milk:

650 g fresh goat milk

75 g raw cane sugar

1 vanilla bourbon

1 and .5 sheets of isinglass

Combine the milk with the sugar and let it simmer until stick 500 g reduced product.

When the temperature drops about 70° C, Add the vanilla and the isinglass regenerated and squeezed.

Allow to cool and pour into silicone molds.

Break down into positive.

For the almond and Apple cookie:

200 g vergoise ( powdered sugar)

200 g butter demi-sel

250 g almond flour

150 g flour 00

250 Golden Apple cubes (dried in an oven at 70° C for 45 ')

Knead all ingredients together, without excessive processing) adding apples to the end.

Roll out to a thickness of 3 mm, Let rest in refrigerator, Bake at 170° C v. to. for about 16 '.

Still warm cut into semicircles.

Salad of Green Apple and celery:

julienne of celery and unpeeled Green apples sprayed with lemon juice

oil ages

for apples in infusion:

Green Apple cubes left for 8 (h) in a solution of water, sugar and Mint syrup, in order to become a vivid green with a slight hint of fresh mint.

For the ice-blended celery leaves:

200 g of leaf juice(power plants) of celery (using a centrifuge)

50 g powdered sugar

50 g water

Bring to boil all ingredients.

Break down into negative and occasionally shell with a fork.

Keep to -18.

For the sauce of celery leaves:

250 g celery leaves juice ( those outer dark green)

50 g sugar

15 g rice starch

Bring all to a boil and cook for 3-4 '.



Antonio Montalto

pastry chef

Antica Corte Pallavicina Relais


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