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by Thursday, January 17, 2013

Eclectics, solari, versatile, mysterious and sometimes other times blatant, but still – without question – seductive. Who eats them not use them as colourful decoration and as amulet against the misfortune, those who love the taste plays with infinite variations of their flavors and knows that in addition to the palate also benefit to the body, Thanks to its long list of curative properties (antibacterial properties, Antitumor, digestive, fat burners, antioxidants, analgesic properties, just to mention a few). The magical world of chillies is a universe that you never stop discovering, because the species cataloged are about 2 thousand but the truth is that there are many more and continue to create new varieties». Talking is Rita Salvadori, better known as Patties, — Mrs. chili. At least in Italy. Reached by the arrow shot from Massimo Biagi Cupid of the Accademia del peperoncino, the love between her and the Capsicum is kick-off in an instant. Today on his estate in Bolgheri, Tuscany resort renowned for its excellent wine, Rita grows over three hundred varieties of chili peppers which belong to the five most common domestic species: Capsicum annuum, that includes cayenne pepper and Jalapeño Mexican; Capsicum baccatum, that includes the so-called ají, the scented Yasmin and the erotic; Capsicum chinense, the most known representative is the Habanero, remained until 2006 in the Guinness Book of world records as the hottest chili in the world, and his successor, the NAGA MORICH; Capsicum frutescens, that includes among others the tabasco; Capsicum pubescens, which includes the South American Rocoto. "I was fascinated since peperoncino, explains Rita – for the endless possibilities that has: from the food to the spirits or tisanes, from body creams to perfumes. And then can be cultivated anywhere». So much so that when Christopher Columbus brought from the Americas in 1543, the business that the Spaniards had hoped to be made soon: the chili is well acclimatized in Europe, spreading in all southern regions, in Africa and Asia, and was thus adopted as a spice also from that part of the population that could not afford the purchase of cinnamon and nutmeg. Then we put the z eros and the popularity of this fruit was a further surge despite warnings by Brillat Savarin, that in his treatise The physiology of taste He had tried to dilute the folk beliefs, stating that it was not "chilies of positive aphrodisiacs; Let's just say, under certain circumstances, they can make women more tender and sympathetic and most amiable men ". What is certain is that the first chili you never forget and to Rita Salvadori was a regular cayenne pepper: «The farm even today and I called Terentius, the name of the Lord who gave me seeds». After Mr. Terence, Rita meets Massimo Biagi and then long years of research and studies that have to be today the largest producer of chilli in Italy, adored by catering high as from mutual customers, You can buy his chili and two outlets of Volterra and Castagneto Carducci (always in Tuscany) is the internet on

Fresh chillies year-round? "Not even for idea, explains Rita -. The season runs from mid-July to mid-October peak. The other months of the year have to be content with the chili powder, but done according to certain criteria. The dry industry 70-80 degrees and so all that remains is the spicy flavor. I, Instead, the deumidifico at low temperature, so that the water comes out by osmosis and focus all the features of chili, including taste, perfume and colour».

And for the chili-pepper-aholic Rita cala other two aces up its sleeve. The first is the osteria bio Patties, Open in Cecina in 2008 , where you can enjoy among other things – SIX versions of spaghetti aglio, and chilli oil, topped with six varieties of Caspicum able to satisfy every level of hotness: from the quiet (so to speak) "Erotic" to deadly Naga via raffinate hot Habanero and Madame Jeannette. A place where you go to debunk many preconceptions linked to chilli, first of all that excessive hotness that goes to cover the other ingredients of the dish: "It's exactly the opposite: the chili is as good oil, enhances the flavors of a preparation. It just a pinch, maybe even you feel on the palate, and each recipe has a step ahead», ensures Rita. The second trump card is not only from hardcore chili, but also from hyper glamour: for the real chili pepper addict Rita has just designed a purse in red version, containing ten vials of varieties of chillies. An accessory that already promises to be the next must-have for the food lover who, alongside rimmel and lipstick, now they can keep in their handbag favorite ingredient, ready to sfoderarlo for each occurrence, but being careful, though, not to be confused, for haste, with the eyeshadow.

(my interview on the Table monthly, 2012)


A new appointment on a subject too long neglected. Until today it is generically and superficially heard of hotness and competitions between Chili eaters. The topic is much more complex: 16 different types prove that the chili is mostly character and flavor If matched nicely with food. AND, Obviously, even with wine and with many surprises. Rita Salvadori, 50.000 plants and 30 variety in production and experimentation, all under biodynamic cultivation in the area of Bolgheri, and Paul Valdastri, sommelier, official taster of Associazione Italiana Sommelier and chili taster, We will drive to discover this world of spices.

Each participant will receive a portable wine tasting kit 10 different varieties of hot pepper.

Here is the calendar of meetings and the topics covered:

1Th meeting > Monday, 21 January 2013
History and the virtues of Chili. The Slightly Spicy: The Aji, the Banana Pepper, the De Padron, the erotic, the Paprika.

Techniques of tasting and pairing. Taste of three dishes made with three varieties of hot pepper a little spicy and three wines in combination with.

  • Risotto
  • Steamed sea bass
  • Fruit Carpaccio

2Th meeting > Monday, 18 February 2013

The fresh and the Chili products. The Medium Spicy: the Cayenne, the Jalapeño, Scotch Bonnet, the Habanero Chocolate.
How to prepare the Pepper for use in various dishes. Taste of three dishes made with three varieties medium spicy and chili three wines in combination with.

  • Spaghetti with oil, ROE and toasted pine nuts
  • Abbacchio alla cacciatora
  • Chocolate dessert

3Th meeting > Monday, 25 March 2013
Il giro del mondo del Peperoncino. The Hottest Peppers in the world: the Red Savina Habanero, the Fatal Habanero, the Naga, the Moruga, the Bhut Jolokia, The Scorpion and the 7Pod.

Variety and use in different continents. The use of extreme piccantezze with aperitifs, the first dishes with sauces, game and game, chocolate sweets. Taste of three dishes made with three varieties with high but correct hotness and flavor and three wines in combination with.

  • Ribollita
  • Wild boar stew
  • Tiramisu

Reservation by email to, specifying your name, Last name and how the type of Causal. Cost: 230 euro.

Phone 06855094


In collaboration with:

Az. Agr. Rita Salvadori-PATTIES-Loc. Gargoyles – 57020 BIBBONA

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