By Smurf to Mazinger: ice cream history told from pleasure Pappoe sociologist at Sigep of Rimini

by Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tuesday, 22 January 2013. Hours 11.00. Sigep. 34° International, Gelato, Pastry and Bakery Craft. Rimini Fiera. Sala Davila 1.

There were, Once, the Toseroni Gel Nimbus and the Mazinger of Motta, but the first artisan born to do the show was without a doubt the taste Smurf. Did not have a precise flavour, because it was just a color, even the edible representation of a successful cartoon, landed in Italy in 1981 and ... It was the first version of that Ice-Show that you would be developed over time, the most popular version and the more linked to quality gourmet products. Obvious, then, the genesis of the modern ice cream should find its roots in the 80 's that, even do it on purpose, are currently on the crest of the wave even as music, cinema, design and ... paninaro. Knows well Pappoe that, by Idowu Sociologist of pleasure which is, prepared for the occasion a history of provocative and surprising ice cream, rational and ironic. To accommodate this new disclosure, revolutionary theory is the Comprital, manufacturer of ingredients for gelato and confectionery that, Obviously, He was born in 1985 and that still gives form to passion, by combining high-tech and safety of its installations with the eternal desire to create innovative products. To shore up, clarify and respond properly to provocations will be award-winning Piccinelli professionals such as Leonardo Cc, Beppo Tonon and Francesco Osti. Tough task, their. Why will find themselves having to integrate, optimize, fight back and support the true story of the ice cream and ice cream, that sees Piccinelli unravelling between trash and chic (from that intersection, the neologism trashic), passing through the cream of dandelion, flowering plant commonly known as Dandelion or, better, piscialetto. Diuretic properties insured taste. Through the Chocolate ice cream by Pupo that, slightly sweet slightly salty, from the the not only the creation of taste Cheese with pears, but also to Parmesan ice cream: and who tells him, Right now, to Ferran Adrià that his creation is the daughter of interpreter About us? For more, the examination of the last thirty-two years ago to see how the look of the ice is gone from coloured walls were peeling plastic art, not to mention the birth of ice cream in sauce bio. By taste Seafood risotto and from the Egg custard baked in a Bain-Marie you pass the ice cream cups grilled corn or to Cigar flavoured caramel. The competition for the best pistachio ice cream to International championships of liquid nitrogen ice cream. Decorated with carved fruit cherries. From Roero Arneis sorbet ice cream for man's best friend, dogs. Until the next future inspirations (the food and beverage will design) and the choice of taste for the year 2013, proposed by the National Committee for the defense and spread of homemade ice cream and homemade, who has opted for Very Cool, prepare tasty fig-based moro and walnuts. Needless to say, I Fichissimi There were already, at least in the form of the film 1981, with Diego Abatantuono, Gerry Calà and Jimmy il Fenomeno. Accursed Years ' 80, they had already planned everything ...


Participate in the debate:

Leonardo Cc: Ice Cream Maker. World champion, Team Championship 2012

Beppo Tonon: Vegetable sculptor. World champion, Team Championship 2006

Francesco Osti: Head Of Marketing & Comprital Communication SpA

Pappoe: journalist, writer and author of the annual guide to Pleasure and fun


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