I saw the movie and Chef…I found the unfinished theme of the conflict between tradition and innovation.

by Monday, January 7, 2013

Chef (Comme un chef ) is a film French of 2012 written and directed by Daniel Cohen and starring Jean Reno andMichaël Youn. The film was released theatrically italiane the 22 June 2012. Jacky is a chef tastes refined forced to grapple with taverns and bistros of Paris where customers consume only hit-and-run food. Fired from yet another restaurant, find a job as a house painter in a nursing home in order to support the demands of the compañera, pregnant and close to childbirth. His aptitude for nouvelle cuisine led him to meddle continually in the kitchen and in recipes for seniors, enough to attract the attention of Alexandre Lagarde, famous chef-inspired crisis and at risk of losing its historic Michelin. Burdened by a young entrepreneur who threatens to bring forth his restaurant, Lagarde offers Jacky the opportunity to work at his side to continue to shine the stars of his local hard drive. In addition to the passion of Jacky, in the film is always latent opposition between the traditional cuisine of Lagarde – with a parody of that of molecular Adrià – which risks according to the gastronomic critics losing the stars because you don't know innovate, and the innovative cuisine of a young chef, the film wants to pass as "all smoke and no fire". But they are just hints: an important topic like this could be the focus of the film, While the feeling is that the Director had the fear of delving into the topic, Perhaps because it felt too technical…

Also the ending too simplistic, that story and comment so as not to ruin the vision to those who have not yet had the opportunity to watch the film. Too much world framework sweetened cooker, absolutely flat and presented in its caleidoscopicità. In Short, a disappointment. I confirm that the only movie capable of touching the heart of the kitchen remains Ratatouille.



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