Comolli: wine consumption in Italy in – 3,5% with respect to the 2011

by Friday, January 4, 2013


Third consecutive year of decreases in consumption of wine in Italy, because the general crisis and lack of product repositioning. At a glance, the comment by Ovse, International Economic Institute of Italian sparkling wines. From surveys conducted in the early 15 days of December, albeit in anticipation of a reduction in total for year-end holidays (were 102 millions of bottles in 2009), the latest presumed signals a slight recovery. End year: in traditional 24 days stapperanno 89 millions of bottles made in Italy, with a – 3.5% compared 2011. A figure which could contain the reduction on an annual basis within the 4,1 %. Will be approximately 3,1 MIL bott those of Champagne (decrease of 15%) and 0,4 from other sources. Estimated at a cost of € Italian 690 millions, In addition the 61% in Gdo: 1 bottle on 3 is brut, 1 is sweet, 1 is extradry-dry. This means that by the end of the year about 35 millions of bottles of Prosecco in different denominations, 34 million will be sparkling with generic names at very low prices, and 23,5 millions Brut, Rosè, Reserve, high-high range, including foreign labels.

The GDo confirms its leading position in purchases for bubbles, starting with two brands of traditional method, Ferrari and Berlucchi, with an estimated around 6 millions of bottles purchased in recent 60 gg. Prices sustained in Gdo to the beginning of the month with the most famous classic Italian method bottles positioned between 8,90 and 12,80, with some labels to 18 and 19 per bottle. The "primoprezzo" Champagne is located between 13,50 and 15,95 EUR per bottle.

In the channel Horeca actual figures represent a decrease of 10-15% orders, an alleged proof similar drop in sales and consumption. Yet the investigations confirm cellars, in less than three years ago, the first choice of sparkling bottle as a gift for the holidays, but with a "change" from label. If acts of purchase marked a decline reduced, the heavier the decline in volumes and expenditure, faced with prices still incurred that do not score a drop, Indeed. Even in the domestic market is growing buy generic at the expense of sparkling spumante Docg-sweet and aromatic Doc; is growing the Valdobbiadene Docg and doc Prosecco. Franciacorta and Trento contend market spaces with important discounts: It seems that the operation is giving better results for sales of Franciacorta. The Trento grows, but less of Franciacorta. Brake light sparkling rosé wines.

A note goes to sparkling wines and new wines that are doing trend, i.e. Lambrusco, Malvasia, Moscato, Soave, Lugana, Pinot, Sauvignon and Trebbiano, with a value very high identity in favour of consumers. Finally, a exit pool the next day consumption: the Italians will reduce the 11% the year-end expenditure, sparkling share is still contained at the expense of lower value, While the food cart assumes stable with some waiver packaged sweets.

<<The purchase or consumption – says Giampietro Comolli, founder of the Ovse care trends and the economics of the sector – relies on similar motivations to 2011, but is changing the weight of the single cause. On this manufacturers must step in and run for cover to avoid losing the work done in the past 10 years domestically. Discontinuity, infidelity, prossimalità, price:, externalities and posting: Here are the causes of decline in consumption. Without a direct approach to the consumer, motivated and continuous, the low price and the shelf or high price win. The intermediate range loses. In Horeca cali forts of consumption, did not reduce the price at the table. In Gdo promoting "fixed" pushes the consumer to believe that that is the reference price, forcing a cascade of behaviors, inside and outside the store. You must retrieve a "contact" with consumers in places where there is the question. Globalisation and homogenization of the product degrades the specificity of PDO and goes against the consumer awareness of the specialty, as the sparkling wines. Is no longer a question of seasonal or deabbinamento, you are returning to purchase ritual and unrelated to product quality, then the low price and shelf placement are climbing the order of purchasing motivations and objectives, today, but we must look in perspective >>.

Comolli launches a warning to Mariners of economic policy, the economic and business consumption policy to take more and new measures in support of consumption.

Giampietro Comolli

Districts and territories Wine Economist

Founder and President and O.V.S.. – C.E.V.E. S. ®© Giampietro. comolli + comolli


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