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Daiano | Trento | Maso dello Speck or Maso Tito

by Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mountain lovers for its tastes, In addition to its beauties, the cool relax, walks outdoors or all sports that you can practice in summer as in winter, cannot write down here and hurry up to visit you. Why here, at Maso dello speck Daiano's, you are a true mountain dishes, intense tastes and ancient, of those that do so much hard to find in many other farms, of the region and not. The specialty is definitely speck, produced by hand and with pigs bred between Trentino and Veneto, with the old recipe passed down to the children who run the farm by Titus Braito, one of the best-known characters of Val di Fiemme, artist of sausage for over half a century. The production takes place in the family farm, on the plateau of the Ganzaie, above the village of Daiano, among the larches and firs of Val di Fiemme at an altitude of 1.300 m. The Maso dello Speck was born three years ago in order to make sure that the art of Tito and his passion will not forget. And it's a place that remains in the heart. At lunch, dinner or snack, Obviously you cannot not order the mixed platter of cold meats, all made in house: an exceptional experience, that makes you discover rare and true flavors. At the end of this tasting I knew I wouldn't be able to get back more to appreciate how first the speck and lardi that usually purchase in gastronomy. To my rescue, Fortunately, came the little shop located next to the dining area, where you can buy all the products of our farm. Happy and ready to do low man just finished lunch (i have two other Braito outlets, one to Corvara and one in Andalo, but you can also shop online at, I went with a taste of delicious speck dumplings with melted butter and then a luscious polenta from Storo with melted cheese (a secret mix of soft cheeses with white wine). The menu also offers other specialities: sautéed potatoes, eggs and Bacon; goulash with polenta; polenta and mushrooms; spaghetti with tomato sauce; barley soup; carne salada; pork ribs. A keeper of the antichi sapori, This farm, where you can also find the rare that good beer di Fiemme. You spend by 22 to 30 euro, drinks included. And don't wait to return.

Above pools, 2 – 38030 Daiano (TN)

Ganzaie Location

Tel. 0462/342244

Closing day: variable


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