A jewel of poverty. Here are the rarest and most potatoes good that there are.

by Monday, December 10, 2012

Rarity and authentic delicacies. Variety has long disappeared from the market and that, because of reduced size, the irregularity of the shape, of the deep holes and poor performance, they are no longer profitable for cultivation. We are talking about some kind of potatoes that only thanks to some farmers, gardeners, gardening enthusiasts and breeders ninth went forgotten and still, Indeed, You can still carry on the boards.

Bamberger Hörnchen (Cornett of Bamberg). Late species originating in Germany (ca. 1870). Extremely small tubers form in the shape of a croissant from the skin pinkish-yellow and yellow-fleshed. Soda pulp variety has a taste very flavorful.

Congo blue, Sweden's blue. Medium early species whose age and origin are unknown. It is grown mainly in Scandinavia. The tubers are round oval shape from the blue Peel and flat holes. Cut the pastry is colored blue. It is a species mainly soda paste which stands out for its creamy taste.

Edzell Blue. Average species dating back to early 1890 about and originally from Scotland. Produces round blue peel potatoes, with white paste with a showy and particularly deep holes deep. After firing, This pasta potato soda becomes smeary and unleashes a pronounced flavor.

Kipfler. Medium early species native to Austria (1955). Produces small potatoes shaped like a croissant from the skin clear and yellow paste. It is a soda that pasta varieties, After firing, It looks greasy and buttery flavour that is reminiscent of nuts. Find it on www.ahrntalnatur.com.

The Ratte. Middle early sorts of French origin dating 1872. It's a very soda paste variety similar in appearance to ' Bamberger Hörnchen». Produces small oblong tubers that vaguely resemble a banana. Presents a cream-colored flesh and stands for flavor nocciolato. It is one of the most popular varieties in France.

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  • Federico
    February 3, 2016

    Ottimo articolo! Comlimenti!
    Vorrei sapere dove posso acquistare queste patate.
    Buon lavoro

    • Gourmet Geisha
      February 3, 2016

      Buongiorno Federico, a quali sei interessato in particolare? Ovviamente puoi chiedere al tuo fruttivendolo di procurarle, ma se posso di do qualche indicazione in più. Fammi sapere!

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