From the spinach-Strawberry Crosne, the ' oregano that tastes like carrot round chocolate coeur de Paris: the ancient unobtainable found in South Tyrol

by Monday, December 10, 2012

Ahrntal Natur is the official collection of rarities made in Val Pusteria. Here, In fact, You can find the buttery finger-shaped potato, the scent of Walnut, Kipfler, rare due to their low yield, as well as the equally rare Crosne, also called Chinese artichoke, Asian roots of a thousand virtues brought by Japanese in French village which then gave them the name. Then there is a special yellow turnip, the Gelbe Rohne, other than the Liguria or coneese, the blue potato, round potato in Berlin and the Swedish potato Company.

But in South Tyrol, I discovered thanks to my recent research, There is a plethora of other rare treasures that go hunting. TO Maso Aspingerhof, between the slopes of Barbian, with rooftop garden at about 1,000 m above sea level, above Brixen, There is to lose his head betweenand dozens of tomato quality, carrots – the rarest are the tonda coeur de Paris, the viola and the Djerba, spicy Chili taste –, the Chinese artichoke, the Spinach-Strawberry to be consumed raw in salads (by 2 €).

TO Maso Oberpalwitterhof, Instead, lie herbal teas (4,80 €), salts for grilling meat or fish, flavored with herbs and spices, but above all the Hay to be heated in the oven (ideal for those suffering from rheumatic pains or cervical) and use for some types of cooking, like many of haute cuisine chefs teach us (but we can't never find it!).

And what about the historical gardens of the Abbey of Novacella? Rebuilt in Baroque-Rococo style, According to French paintings of the era, have box hedges and rose arbours, including the rareConstance Spry that smells of myrrh. The gardens are divided into four areas inspired by different eras: that simply refers to the Capitulare of Carlo Magno, with herbs of the territory; the medieval garden is inspired by Hildegard of Bingen, Benedictine nun and botany, and it is a triumph of imported herbs, that offers contemporary the most common plants. THEthe garden of tomorrow features scents from around the world, Jamaican Sage, Basil green pepper.

MThomas Waldförster of aso Mareta, Instead, is the Kingdom of salads, from the classical ones to lesser-known ones, as the mitzumi, native to Japan, by crauto aftertaste, and the one that pinches like horseradish.

Finally, Here are the Aromatic Gardens Wipptal, where to find thePuerto Rican oregano, the Mint that tastes like pineapple, Orange chocolate (by 1,80 €).

PS. All'Oberhasler Hof( (c)' is a wellness garden highlights: walking barefoot among the flowers and will tone your legs with the the Kneipp method, immersing small limbs mastelli water-filled wood and trampling pebbles that reactivate the circulation.


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