The Cooking Trainer. A smart and chic gift to put under the tree

by Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fruit of de light®, the first concept restaurant in the heart of Milan was founded on De Light Personal Cooking Trainer, ' the coach ' which raises the desire to eat well, sano & tasty.

For over a year the restaurant de light® has become the point of reference for those looking for a kitchen light without renouncing to the pleasures of the table, responding to the growing need to balance an increasingly sedentary lifestyle with a curated feed.

The De Light Personal Cooking Trainer the philosophy underpinning the restaurant in a personalized service, dedicated to all those who would or should embrace a healthy lifestyle but are hampered by many difficulties, an amazing and unique gift idea

The repetitiveness, boredom, the lack of imagination and inadequate experience in kitchen, In addition to the negative connotations associated with the usually healthy and natural food, and deterrents are usually the main causes a break but the food plan De Light Personal Cooking Trainer you will put in the kitchen alongside those who wish to walk the path of well-being, to bring a smile to the table, using weapons of creativity and professionalism acquired in more than a year of management of de light®

With the experience gained in the restaurant where lightness and taste are the ingredients of each dish, the De Light Personal Cooking Trainer reinterpret food plans with her talent that will allow him to create mouth-watering recipes book designed specifically and will teach techniques to achieve them, proposing methods of cooking, Special precautions and combinations that will transform every diet in a gourmet menu.

Alongside Dietitians, nutritionists and dietitians on De Light Personal Cooking Trainer use the recognized and appreciated chef's experience that makes its flag light, to help with a smile the way of healthy eating, rebasing the spirit of new impulses.


With De Light Personal Cooking Trainer Renews its willingness to offer the perfect balance between lightness and taste, now only custom combinations, already proposed with many tasty recipes from the restaurant de light® even with takeout formulas and chef @ home.

De service Light Personal Cooking Trainer is also sold in the form of gift voucher, from online or purchased at the concept store in Via Ponte Vetero 13 in Milan.



EUR 50,00 per person for group sessions

EUR 70,00 per person for customized sessions

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