Balkan Wine Expo | In Tirana from 28 February to 1 March

by Monday, December 3, 2012

Will Be the residence of the Ambassador of Italy to Tirana to host the presentation of the second edition of "Balkan Wine Expo”, the only event dedicated to wine for the Balkan market. A region that is experiencing a steady economic and productive development and increasingly intense exchanges and fruitful with neighbouring countries, Italy in the lead.

From 28 February to 1 March 2013, on the initiative of Green Tirana Bacchus And Ariadne (Publisher of the International Journal of Italian enogastronomy Papageno) the Albanian capital will host the Sheraton Tirana Hotel about 100 wineries and cooperatives Europeans, with over 500 wines, with a strong predominance of Italian producers including an important delegation from the Veneto region that holds the 50% Italian wine production.

International exposure, founded last year with the aim to create new opportunities for market-oriented companies in South-East Europe, "Balkan Wine Expo" is directed exclusively to professionals (importers, distributors, wine bars, Horeca, specialist press, opinion leaders) and wants to be ancontact and opportunity Exchange with the producers concerned to establish business with potential buyers.


During the workshop, that involves operators of Albania and neighbouring countries, will be invited and hosted delegations of operators from: Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria.

For Italy, the Balkans are an excellent opportunity to export growth, sprung from 3,4% of the national total of 2001 al 6% of 2008. In 2010, Despite the imbalances caused by the international economic and financial crisis, the Albanian economy has continued to make significant progress and to record positive growth rates.

The trend is expected to grow throughout the Balkans, as the candidate countries are approaching the EU accession. This will therefore new frontier in wine market, also open to the immense Russian basin.

Balkan Wine Expo It is organized with the collaboration of:

Italian Embassy in Tirana, Uvive – Merging Consortia Veneto Wines, Eastern Chamber of Commerce, Albanian Ministry of agriculture, Tirana Chamber of Commerce, Chambers of Commerce of Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Italian Consulate in Tirana, Italian Chambers of Commerce in target countries, Sommelier Association of Albania and the Balkans.

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