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by Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chimpl, in Faisal, means bullfinch, the little bird also called monachino, cute, cheerful and beautiful plumage. This is the name he has chosen the Hotel Gran Mugon Tamion's restaurant open to outside. It is impossible not to think of another birdie that brought much luck in the kitchen: la Siriola, The Nightingale of the reign of Fanes, It is also the name of the South Tyrolean restaurant starred in Alta Badia. Reach Tamion, tiny fraction of Vigo di Fassa, in winter nights mean being catapulted into a surreal world, made of snow crystals that shine light from the stars, in the silence of the Woods. If you find yourself in these areas, the Chimpl is definitely worth a stop. Here you can enjoy the cuisine of Stefano, 38enne polite and willing Fassa, attentive to local products, the beautiful prospects, If pursued with dedication, reflection and commitment. The Michelin Guide 2013 the reported as “2014 Star promise”.

The first reflection are the lights of the restaurant, of just 15 posts, so strong from denying any intimacy: a pity, seen the place, lost in the mountains, from perfect elopement. The greeting from the kitchen puts just laugh: before a "wall" of stone pine (the leitmotif of all local service, from dishes, the bread door, to the menu) populated with tablespoons gorgonzola in gelatin-containing licorice, salty doughnuts, beef Mille-Feuille; then the winter egg 2010, sublime Alchemy of bread with Rosemary, Boletus in olive oil, hot potato mousse and dried egg yolk. Among the starters, I chose the taste of Chimpl selection (a dozen meal from the beautiful presentation, but by reviewing both combinations that taste) and the sachet of meat of deer with burrata salada, licorice, Sesame and bergamot (discreet). Among the first, Great Selection risotto Cornacchia (a comercializzato rice by Faisal Pastificio Felicetti) with radicchio, Merlin Stiltone and wine, While disappointing the soft slate with turnip tops, lobster and cardamom. Very good the rabbit in four variations, to forget the char. In Short, varied cuisine, able to give exciting insights and who could have a bright future. As for the price, the appetizers range from 11 to 15 euro, the first from 10 to 13 euro, the seconds from 17 to 22 euro. The tasting menu go to 43 euro.



Strada de Tamion 3

Vigo di Fassa

Tel 0462/769108

Always open


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