Grow up you want to make the tissue, He's the chef

by Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Perhaps the road has begun to draw Davide Oldani, that ended the playing career he thought it to be still under the spotlight and do crazy women remained nothing more than get behind in the kitchen. Certainly, hundreds of tv broadcast who cooks in impalmato real media stars did the rest and especially have outlined a new trend, among the unaware Italian teenagers who think cooking is just going on tv and be photographed on the glossy magazines as he rattles off his own philosophy of life. The chef who makes for really craft, know that it is a profession of sacrifice, totalizing, difficult to reconcile with the family and leisure (almost non-existent). And in a few coming on tv. But so is: his dream of 2 Teen on 10 you be the chef.

AND’ This is what emerges from the portal search, the result of the interviews with 1,000 students between 10 and the 17 years and 100 teachers, presented for "Openly 2012 – The taste goes to school ", the initiative of Federalimentare and Ministry of education, University and research, that, with the support of Conai, the national packaging Consortium, until 26 November, Opens the door to 10.000 students of 50 Italian food industry establishments, then bring in the classroom, in the current school year, the teaching of nutrition education.

In class spreads more and more, Therefore, a real "cooking mania": 1 Teen on 2 the kitchen already, or at least good in the kitchen, would you like to helping parents or making lunch for moms and dads who, for business purposes, have less and less time to spend in the kitchen, While 9 on 10 (88,3%) would like to learn how to cook a meal or a snack for adults and friends. Looks so golden time for cooking courses, books, gastronomic themed video games specifically for youth: the 70% adolescents see, In fact, tv programmes dedicated to the kitchen and ben 3 on 10 they are fans who do not lose a bet. No wonder, then, that the profession has become the chef's inspiration 2 guys on 10.
But the study shows that the passion for gastronomy has deeper roots: the 79% young says, In fact, He has already talked to the parents about the importance of eating a balanced diet and what to do to stay in shape and not being overweight. And 87% of Italian students spoke, at least once, in the classroom with teachers.

Instead, girls? Apparently there is still head the idea of making the tissue, the photomodel & co…


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