Better a Petrus or a man who adores you?

by Sunday, November 4, 2012

It seems that men do not believe when you say that the charm and a man crazy for you can not get bored is better than a thousand toyboy perfect physicist, a bag of diamonds or a Petrus or Chateau Lafite of 1787 sold at Christie's in London and still believe the world's most expensive wine, but above all a unique Pearl: the price of $ built, In fact, It was not due only to the exceptional nature of wine, but also to its former owner. On the back of the bottle are carved the initials Th. J., Thomas Jefferson, third President of the United States and deep wine connoisseur.

Men do not believe, that the turtle sure we like, but only that we do not do nothing, We do not need even to «switch on the eroticism forbidden», as I said a boy spoke in this debate as easygoing a misty Sunday morning. It is clear, then, There are women and women. I'm talking about those, like me, for which serves mental atmosphere and intrigue, for which serves someone who makes you feel unique and you want more than anything else. For those who do not capture without charm, sagacity, unexpected. The perfect physique is not needed, If there is all this: go well even a little’ rolls of flab well placed, many abdominal fruit punctuated by plates of steaming noodles and rice. Alchemy is able to make sexy these small imperfections often due to the joy of food and wine that both guarantees the quality of a lover.

Men who do not believe in all this, It's probably because they themselves prefer the perfect Barbie and believe that even us women at night we dream only Ken. But the aesthetic is, all in all, one thing which is easily accessible from all – with a lot of effort, methodicalness, effort and, wanting to, today even with some surgical help – While the rest, or do you have, or there will be no classes at the gym or Mr. Hitch can insegnartelo.

At the bottom of, also a Petrus you can buy and Ken you can rent, as Louis Vuitton Handbags and Gucci. A man who adores you (and don't you get bored) no.

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  • Giuseppe
    November 19, 2012

    Holy words……..!!!!

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