Give the shape to ravioli. Here's how to do 4 moves for a Halloween Pumpkin-flavoured

by Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How to celebrate Halloween GeisheGourmet? Of course between the hotplates, especially if, as in my case, have for hands of fantastic Bertagnine pumpkins, perfect for the tortelli di zucca. I never understood the fashion of carving pumpkins, or better, cute, a nice pastime for children, But if I have to work all the time me and the kids we roll up our hands and let the tortelli di zucca. That is a thing that brings happiness and pleases the palate (and fills the stomach). After years and years of experiments, my family and I now have a very well-tested recipe. The tortelli di zucca the difference makes the pumpkin – finding good is really hard today, for this reason I myself do I deliver directly from Philip Church Ricotti of Pro Loco di Lodi (tel. 0382 1835605), country home of pumpkin are Bertagnina (5 great pumpkins 35 Euro shipping included) – but also the composition of the filling and we do it so: Bertagnina type pumpkin, Trentingrana cheese, dry breadcrumbs, nutmeg to taste., dried macaroons, Mantuan mostarda. I can't put the amount because depending on the size of pumpkin, I bake it in the oven before using it for the dough: my suggestion is to proceed step by step, or add to pumpkin 100 grams at a time to each of the other ingredients (nutmeg apart, that evaluate to tablespoons), mustard species: According to the spiciness of the brand that you purchase, you will change the dosage. The result, Anyway, must be a hard dough, where you feel all the ingredients: the pumpkin flavor tempered by that of cheese and nutmeg, and that bit of spiciness balanced by the sweetness of mostarda di FRUTTA of amaretto. For the dough, to do it I use the manitoba flour, that has a lot more gluten and therefore is more elastic. And then, to make the shape of the cake does not have to exercise, esercizio ed esercizio 😉 (but you can have a photographic course stap by step below). I like to serve them with pepper, Trentingrana cheese, butter and Sage, But even with some truffle polyethylene chip.

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  • maurizia
    November 13, 2012

    good!!!!Although I do at Piacenza:two braid codine!!!

    • Gourmet Geisha
      November 14, 2012

      Hello Mohan, If you want to send us the recipe we willingly!

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