Today in Franciacorta discusses the future of quality wine and throw the States-General of Italian wine | Between “guru” and opinion leaders, Here is the summary of the meeting with 3 women and many old guards

by Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Market trends according to Enrico Finzi of Astra Researches it is clear: for the future the wine will have fewer workers and more quality. Today the 58% the Italians think that the situation will not return anymore as before and is downsizing his needs but also its dreams. There is a growing dislike towards marketing, toward the rhetoric of backlabels and the era of sommelier, wine shop owners and restaurateurs in speaking of wine. More roast and less smoke, In short, recommend Finzi. Other interesting trends: the bio is shrinking because there are too many organic products. All bio, means no bio, or products are losing credibility towards consumers who no longer recognizes the great difference between organic and non-organic and is no longer willing to pay the asking price. In last, the perfume will be one of the requirements of the future of wine, Word of Finzi.

"It is undoubted – says the sociologist – the descent of consumption and a shift down, towards lower prices, not at low prices. There are phenomena of withdrawal from consumption, and a tendency to go toward cheaper products. Many quality products were sold at exorbitant prices, according to the consumer, It considers that those products can be sold at lower prices. Is almost reduced to zero the old phenomenon that a higher price is there more attractiveness to the market high: Today it is not so. One part of the country, Instead, has to drink worse while drinking. But that doesn't mean that there is a strong emphasis on product quality».

Less but better? Not only, especially who's doing great quality products at prices friendly, Maybe small producers without much marketing investments, with little-known wineries and labels, prepare, his time is coming.

Are in Franciacorta, in Ca’ del Bosco, where he collected many big-name Maurizio Zanella today to talk about the future of quality wine, hoping that the Government, After this, do you think the States General of Italian Wine.

Antonello Maietta, President AIS, do some reflection on the market: "The message of the wine culture in 50 years we launched, but now we need to go beyond. By 30 in recent years the average consumer has become more prepared and demanding. Customers are not loyal anymore about a product, There is more curiosity, want to see new things. At midnight tonight will come into force the art 62 a January law that States that things which one buys should pay, to 30 days if degradable, If not degradable in 60 days: so this will lead to a change of epochal market. Perhaps born independent distribution in Italy is missing?».

How to make communication on quality wine? Ian D'Agata of International Wine Cellar, cautions: "I believe that the criticism should be open to innovations but not riding blindly a fad. You can't put up a universal methodical science one». Franco Maria Ricci di Bibenda: "People under the quality wine is little: in Italy only 5 millions of people know the wine. How to tell the wine to those who are not so cultured? Starting from the label, that must be appealing, front and back and its contents. In addition, We need a team Italy who work together to promote the culture of wine». Marco Sabellico, Curator guide wines of Italy of Gambero Rosso: "I would move the focus on sustainability, which I think is the most important thing for the consumer, but that also means to talk about terroir and do best wines. But the wine you can't pigeonhole only amongst wine good or not, the world is beautiful because it is diverse». [!?] Enzo Oversteek, Manager guide de L'Espresso: "I love talking about how observant, then I armies also a profession tied to criticism is another matter. I strongly believe that there is growing worldwide affirmation spaces of quality wine, After that we understood what the quality wine, that to me is what drinking it gives me a positive emotion. I have always applied the unbreakable concept of good&sano. AND’ also true that we need to rethink the grammar of tasting. There are also items strongly linked to subjectivity. The guides should not fall into the trap of marrying fashions. For normal person does not speak the label, speak only the glass, There is the wine you like and what you don't like. Bio or non-organic, the important thing that wine gives positive emotions. Not much excites me even the concept of native wine, But if I need to speak to a consumer I must tell how is that wine, beyond the territorial connotation». Producers fling and some’ They mock the critics on stage, held up to reward questionable tastes and styles (Van Zyl ignites)… It would not give so much importance – I don't want to colleagues – These guides. I think the real question is another: wine or culinary criticism as it is today still makes sense?

Marco Nozzle de wine numbers, does a responders for the category interesting bloggers: "I wanted to focus on the numbers, Obviously. In 2011 organic viticulture is the 8% in Italy, also for a number of reasons perhaps not all climatic regions may adopt the organic wine and I have a feeling that the North is all around 3-4% because this phenomenon has been ridden by whom a little’ sinned by quality, then in the South. I don't think there's a real awareness of quality organic wine, the consumer is not willing to pay higher prices. The theme of sulphites certainly becomes increasingly important, for allergic issues. As regards the quality, It is an opportunity but also a requirement for Italian wine, looking but not only the product but also marketing and brand. If the Italian wine world doesn't move towards quality will go the way of the automotive industry. The product must be sold wine with so many other things around ...».

Kyle Farley, of Corriere della Sera, confirms a certainty, one thing that should be obvious: "We must aim to inform thinking about the wide audience, for non-specialists. Too often talk pledge language alienates readers. Less sensory analysis and more stories, for wine». Andrea Scanzi, writer and journalist: «Communication, naturalness and quality is the future of wine. Quality means not having defects, must tell the territory but also who does». Serena Sutcliffe, of Sotheby's International Wine Department.

For me, for many years I reaffirm certain concepts, today as yesterday remains what I wrote in Sex and the wine:

A glass of red wine, white or sparkling wine is not just a pleasure, but also a way to express themselves, in the same way as a dress, a lipstick, a glaze, a pair of shoes. One day you feel like a trick water and SOAP, are jeans and t-shirts and drink a Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa. Another day you wake up you feel a femme fatale and, along with your Gucci mind-boggling, you want a glamour aperitif made with Laurent-Perrier. The wine is lust, malice, But even an evening among friends, or alone at home in the company of a good book or an episode of Sex and the city. Because wine has the same value as a song, a candle lit, of a poem, of that lingerie bought specifically for the first appointment, the drop of perfume mischievously neck mass. Here's, This is the wine that women want. The one who knows how to tell a story, his or yours no matter. The important thing is that both real and full of passion.

And as usual, one woman on stage (the Sutcliffe) and only a – hostess aside – in the stalls (I).


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  • Anto
    October 25, 2012

    This article I read and re-read and I giving thanks that I find it fantastic, even valuable. I refer to when we talk about … hope “that the Government, After this, do you think the States General of Italian Wine.” The finale, then tap a topic “delicate” namely the loneliness sometimes who drinks, but not melancholic, because in life can happen, as with friends, someone to drink or not to drink. And then I wonder why wine producers do not market a bottle of contents infer to 7/10? Wouldn't it be more engaging a smaller Pack to be drunk alone or with friends?

  • Cris
    December 26, 2012

    Mrs., Obviously, he buried all.

  • Cris
    December 26, 2012

    Li has….

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