Cooking for Art and Emerging Chefs | Today the Edition 2012 the Festival of Witaly and Luigi Cremona

by Saturday, October 20, 2012


In 2010 in the monumental complex of Santo Spirito in Sassia, in 2011 the Open area of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, in 2012 Here is another fascinating architectural environment: The Officine Farneto, designed by Enrico Del Debbio 75 years ago as Casermaggio stores, then Arcero ceramics factory, now home to prestigious events and representative offices: here will take place the third edition of Cooking for Art that will take place on Saturday 20 and Sundays 21 with the event METEDIMONTAGNA dedicated to the style and taste of the mountain, While Monday 22 (day reserved for operators) in the morning will take place in the preview presentation of the Guide Hotels&Italy restaurants 2013 Touring Editore.

During the afternoon the wait The national final of the award for the best Chef of Emerging Italy. The winner will represent the Italy of tomorrow Summit of Italian cuisine in the world to Hong Kong, November 2012.

This is the METEDIMONTAGNA program and these are the numbers of an event that has few comparisons: 12 Territories, 6 minority cuisines, 23 Mountain chef, 12 Chef of the capital. Here are the territories that will represent the mountain in Rome: Wedge and the Occitan valleys, Pinerolo and the Val Pellice, Val Formazza, Val d'Aosta, Valtellina, Asiago, Val di Fiemme, Val Gardena, Monte San Vigilio, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Valli del Natisone, Abruzzi Apennines. AND for the first time we will discover and deepen the fascinating topic of "Kitchens of minorities" : Occitan cuisine, the Waldensian Cuisine, Walser cuisine, the kitchen of the Cimbri, Ladin cuisine, Slavic cuisine of Friuli.

These are the chefs at Mountain Cooking Show: Andrea Alfieri, Marco Badalucci, Alessandro Bellingeri, Enzo Bernabei, Raimund Brunner, Mauro Funny, Augustine Buillas, Eddy Cabrera, Riccardo Cunico, Alessandro dal Degan, Luigi Dabang, Lina Franchini, Alessandro Gilmozzi, Antonia Klugmann, The happy Bottom, Emanuele Mazzella, Alessandro Menardi, Christian Maldonado, Andrew Malana, Graziano Prest, Niko Romito, Diego Rossi, Amna Saleem, Maria Gabriella Head.

The chef of the capital which will cook for you in the Crystal Garden Gourmet taking partly inspired by ingredients of mountain: Faizal Abdullah, Gabriele Bonci ,Cristina Bowerman, Caber, Giancarlo Home, Archangel Dandini, Riccardo Di Giacinto, Simon Felton, Alessandro Fernandes, Filippo La Mantia, Gianfranco Pascucci, Enrico Pierri.

But Cooking for Art, the word itself, It is not only the kitchen or tourism, but also the art of "know-how": This year we have selected the art of photography, and, Thanks to the taste of Giulio di Mauro The Peer Gallery we retrace the moments of mountain life of long ago thanks to view its vintage photos. In the spacious balcony place quickly refined craftsmen executions, and there will be a charity run by angle Friends of Caritas. There will also be a series of meetings to theme "mountain" with a space "classroom" that will explain in detail in the next release

The artisans of taste: Agricola San Felice, Amer Mycologists, Antica Corte Pallavicina, Ancient Crafts, Antropoli Tarantino Winery Company, Briziarelli Cellars, Caseificio Barlotti, Degù Selected Foods, Meat Size, Mountain herbs, Fattoria Villa Matilde, Fratelli Berlucchi, High Quality Food, Deer Rampant, Il Sigaro Toscano, La Campofilone, Sweet Confectionery Traditions, The Norcinezze, Butcher Felton, Mottura Wines, Ancient Elm, Pastificio Felicetti, Podere Forte, Puiatti Wines, San Pietro a Pettine, Schar, SelectaKoppert Cress, Tuna Colimena, Velier, Vigilius.


Where: Officine Farneto, via Monti della Farnesina, 77

Timetable: today 12-21, tomorrow and Monday, 10-18 Monday,


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