How much do you drink? Also depends on the silhouette of the glass. Word of the University of Bristol

by Saturday, October 13, 2012

A study at the University of Bristol found that drinking more quickly if the glass has a certain form. How is it possible? Your perception about the amount of “liquid” varies.

You're out with friends, order a beer each, each of a different type. If you're sipping quietly, and you realize that you always first, then you're probably drinking something that should be served in a more tapered and narrow glass on the sides. It is the form, According to Angela Attwood – responsible for the study of English University – you're rubbing.

Research suggests that you tend, more or less unconsciously, to moderate your speed of “drunk” Depending on the level you believe to be the 50% your portion. Once exceeded this threshold, Start slow. Shame that the incriminating glasses contain most of the fluid in the upper section: This means that when you think you're actually half are already over.The study examined 160 people, both men and women, and he observed them drinking alcohol in different drinks. Another test that indicated which was half of the glasses they saw in photography. The results are clear: more moderate rate among those who had used a glass straight from a part, numerous errors of judgement when it was more the other curved.



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