Bacon scented aniseed di sorana

by Friday, October 5, 2012

The Ristorante Da Gigetto We offers this tasty recipe: Bacon scented aniseed di sorana, beer and cinnamon with chanterelles, Ginger applesauce and polenta.

For 6 people:

n. 3 pillows by sorana
n. 1 cinnamon stick
n. 1 star anise
.5 liter to blonde double-malt beer
Salt and pepper q. b.
Extra virgin olive oil

800 gr. chanterelles dwarfs
100 gr. butter
n. 1 clump of pimpinella

n. 2 Golden Apples
n. 1 Ginger Jack

200 gr. Biancoperla polenta

Brown thoroughly on both sides of the pillow, remove it from the Pan, leave it to cool in the chiller and place it in a vacuum bag for baking with cinnamon and anise.
Pour 100 gr. beer for guanciale. Close the bag, Cook in steam oven at 85° C for about 3 hours. When cooked remove from oven, cut the bacon to share and reduce the sauce by cooking 2/3, make an emulsion with a knob of butter.
To cook the mushrooms in the butter until total absorption of their liquid. When cooked remove from heat and add the chopped leaves of pimpinella.
For apples, Peel apples, remove the core and cut into small cubes, toss in a bowl with the ginger powder, put in a vacuum bag and cook in steam at 95° C for 10 minutes.
Place the mushrooms in the pot, the portion of the cheek, Garnish with the cooking and the diced apples.


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