Bedroom wines. Wines from striptease. Wines for romance. Here's who dares already labeled.

by Tuesday, September 25, 2012

That wine for Gourmet is an intriguing Geishas accomplice of love, an essential companion for high evenings sensuality, is known. And perhaps thinking even a little’ to Sex and the Wine some producers in Italy decided to play and venture with labels where Bacchus and Eros come together without many words.

Among the last born, There is the 69. If already there just the front label, with a stylized number with two colored strokes on black, turn the bottle and things will be even more clear: “Vino rosso da tavola s” and “Table wine s… in white” to Carlo Cattaneo's two propositions in San Casciano in Val di Pesa. That, inexplicably, has seen fit to put on against-tag quite a prohibition sign depicting a pregnant woman…

Then there's Cynthia Canzian vineyards of Alice, who knows how much a wine can sometimes give (not to mention often) more satisfactions of a lover. So, with irony and irreverence, put in the bottle “G-spot”, This entity still uncertain who materializes in a classic method from grapes Glera 2009, partially fermented in wood.

If you don't know how to tell her, What this does for you is the explicit – and to say it all in one gulp, Maybe whispering – Farm Baciamisubito The Scamuzza.

Obtained from barbera grapes from the vineyard “the spallone”, intense ruby red colour with violet shades, uvoso, ciliegioso: pleasantly soft, leaves a pleasant final note that makes it suitable to everyone and goes for his versatility in all types of cooker.

The right wine for the last romantic, I still believe in eternal love? Born from a blend of wines from grapes Nerello Mascalese, Nero d'Avola and Cabernet Sauvignon, It is produced by cantina siciliana Benanti and is called Lamorèmio. Is a red wine from long ageing, the characteristics of great longevity, but also of immediacy.

But there is only the tag with that wink sensuality. Just look at striptease by Dryan, a Soul Satèn 2000 Contadi Castaldi company awarded at Vinitaly is: the bottle is dressed in a slip-proof microfibre fabric, that the repairs from light and moisture. And who do you undress before being opened.

She cheated on you? Don't believe it, but there is a wine for this occasion, that leaves no room to other words.

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