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by Sunday, August 26, 2012

The "vineyard Italy" in these days of late August live the most important moment of the year. The peninsula presents very different situations and, sometimes, very complex to interpret.
The associated Vintners FIVI, Federazione Italiana Vignaioli Indipendenti, describe the present state of region-by-region vineyards, in an overview that shows that only data of general validity the scorching heat almost everywhere, a reduction in the amount and importance of weather the next two weeks. If there will be precipitation many situations they best, in some areas where a really good vintage.


Already in full harvest the Sicily, with Nino Barraco of Marsala, Expressing its concern about the situation of acute water stress where are the screws, try a dry spring, as for years it happened, and the heat wave of the last two weeks, that gave no respite even at night. The absence of changes in temperature and therefore the lack of dew brought grapes, though sane and decent quality, a "dehydration" which obligated to anticipate collecting ten days compared to regular vintages.

Completely different situation in Sardinia, where Alexander Dettori of Badde Nigolosu (SS) explains how the vines, without rain from may, are in good condition thanks to the ground which issued the high humidity that was enriched in winter. At present there is no decrease in the amount.

From Cirò Marina (KR) Francesco De Franco – Avita, stresses the differences between the Tyrrhenian and Ionic side of Calabria, the second much drier, with the vineyards of South-facing Hill in water stress. For the gaglioppo the only fear is that the grapes, with the continuation of high temperatures, You can "dry" too. It provides an advance of harvest of about twenty days than the year average, then a start towards the 15 September with younger vines.

Even in Basilicata and Campania get to grips with the problems created by the lack of rainfall in the last three months. The Aglianico del Vulture view small bunches and as a result there will be a decline in yields, with early harvest as we learn from Az. Agr. Musto Maschito Carmelite (PCS). For the Fiano di Avellino Pietracupa holders we illustrate a situation that follows that in recent years, with a slowdown in the maturation that probably will return to normal soon, as usually happens, towards the end of the month were to get the rain.

In Puglia Lisa Gilbee, the Az Agr. Morella di Manduria (TA), proves to be moderately satisfied for a situation which sees the screws of Primitivo and Negroamaro, true "hot machines", in good condition, Thanks also to the remaining water in the soil. The harvest of the primitive, started in mid-August, in advance of a dozen days on the usual, proceed with a reduction of around 20/30%, made due to the "choice" of not bringing to ripening all bunches, where the load was too much for the chances of the plant.


The Central Italy has very different contexts, with the Lazio who saw, How do we explain the owners of sour cherry, in hail of Frosinone alone at the beginning of August, Fortunately with damage contents, and with the drought which currently creates problems only to younger vineyards. We will proceed towards an early collection in line with what happened in 2011.

For Abruzzo and Umbria Sofia Pepper respectively – Emidio Pepe (Torano Nuovo) and Maximilian Caburazzi – Abdullah San Marco (Montefalco) highlight the suffering of the vineyards, especially for the heat wave of last week but, in the first case a providential rainfall in July got very beautiful grapes, in the second case the clay soils are giving the very little residual moisture thus avoiding the maturation. The harvest in both regions will be seven advance, ten days, and small quantities of a 20/30 %.

The Vignaioli di Brands and Tuscany living moments not easy these days, Although there are many variables that insist from zone to zone.
Alessandro Bonci – St. Michael's Brand of Cupramontana in Ancona, confirms that verdicchio vines are in water stress and that the grape was virtually "dry" due to the scorching heat of recent weeks. The harvest will greatly advance compared to the usual beginning already at the end of August if the sky does not grant water in coming days.
By Paul Bahre, owner of Az. Fiorano, in the province of Ascoli Piceno, We learn instead that the situation in the southern part of the region is better, drought certainly feels but a couple of providential rains at the right time and careful management of foliar part contained the damage and allow you to be optimistic, in particular, the year of the Sheep, that there is about to collect already this weekend.

Passing in Tuscany, Luca Orsini de Le Cinciole, Panzano in Chianti (FI), expresses a moderate concern over a situation that sees the screws in water stress reduced photosynthesis and, so a slowdown in the maturation. The Sangiovese is a late variety, but this year's gathering will take place after the customary, — at the end of September.
Worried you declare even Luca Martini of Fattoria San Giusto a Rentennano, Gaiole in Chianti (YOU). The moment is really hard. The soils consist mostly of sand and pebbles do not have retained sufficient moisture to offset stubborn drought of recent months and, If there are no substantial rainfall in the coming fortnight, grape ripening stops completely.

For theEmilia Romagna Gian Paolo Isabella of Podere Il Saliceto, in Modena, talks about the different situations between Hill and plain, where who has managed to bring some water with little relief irrigation at the time of veraison was able to relieve the suffering of the plants. The collection is already in progress for the white grapes. In general it is expected a decrease in the quantities, which in some areas could touch the 50%.


Going up the peninsula from West to East we discover, Thanks to Andrea Khilgren owner of Santa Caterina, that in Liguria, Sarzana area (SP), There are water stress and slowing down the ripening of grapes, phenomena that do not lead to a significant advance at the time of harvest, scheduled to end August.

Passing in Piemonte, in Piedmont Moscato, Paolo Saracco of Castiglione Tinella, highlights with regret as until a week ago promised vintage very well but now, due to the least heat stroke that kept even the night temperatures, the grapes are already at maturity and the collection has had to anticipate these days. Really unusual event.
Rounds the hotel piemontese Sergio Germano's opinion, Serralunga d'Alba, who remembers how the Alta Langa has enjoyed throughout the month of July of thunderstorms a beneficial in almost every weekend, that gave breath to plants. The grapes are healthy and Nebbioli from Barolo, subject to thinning in these days, have beautiful berries turgidity. The harvest will be anticipated with respect to average vintages but probably will begin a few days later than last year, given the slightly late ripening.

The viticulture lombarda is already facing its first budget after the harvest of sparkling wine, started in mid-August and come to the final stages. Giulia Cavalleri of Erbusco (BS) We talk about the sore point of this vintage in Franciacorta, — reducing the amount, in some areas up to 40%, also due to powdery mildew attacks in the months preceding. A vintage hard then with vineyards that have managed to hold up well the drought if composed of vines dating, While young and not perfectly balanced suffered.

Moving in Veneto, West, the classical area Valpolicella looks with confidence to a year that bodes well for the reds, as he tells us Alexander Carrasco – Ca ' the blonde. The rainfall were

adequate (Although unfortunately with episodes of hail), the screws do not suffer and maturation at the moment is good. I'm sure both the decline in quantities that the high sugar content, with concern as a result for the excess alcohol.

East instead Andrea Miotto, Prosecco zone, underlines the difficulty of managing the hillside vineyards due to the inability to irrigate for lack of water. The screws, Although accustomed to water stress, will be in serious trouble if precipitation will not soon. The collection is expected between the 5 and the 10 September, so in advance of ten days compared to 2011.

The Friuli complaint a year really hard, more than 2003, as explains Kristian Keber of Cormons (GO). The vines are in high stress, on those young grapes has already miffed, in general the maturation has stopped. Therefore promises to be a decline in quantities that can get to the 50%. If they were to fall on these days the rains announced, the plants would resume and prospects would be best.
At the northern end of the peninsula, Ignaz Niedrist dell'omonima cellar in Cornaiano and Mario by Pojer, by Pojer e Sandri's of Faedo (TN) they paint the picture of the Trentino Alto Adige. In South Tyrol the harvest is shaping up in accordance with, beginning in the second week of September. The production is expected to suffer a slight decrease, partly due to leaking. From stress rather aggressive blight attacks come up to the area of Lake Caldaro, that took the Trentino the main objective. Mario, by Pojer recalls how may already have had to activate the defences, and as the frequent rainfall in June and July have favored diseases. The decrease of the amount is safe, a 20% about, because of the poverty of berries per bunch (- 20%) and even violent phenomena of hail in some areas were destructive. The vintage sparkling bases has already begun, in advance of ten days than normal.

We conclude this round of Italian vineyards with the Val d'Aosta, where winemakers, as Vincent says Grosjean, Wine grower Association President Encaveur, are calm for the presence of very beautiful and healthy grapes. The many rain falls from May to July have allowed an optimal maturation, and production will be around 70/80 quintals per hectare. The collection of early varieties such as the Pinot Gris will begin in a week, with great anticipation, over a month, compared to average vintages, and one week on 2011.
The associated Vintners will be present at WINE MARKET OF INDEPENDENT WINEGROWERS, the exciting experience of aggregation, dialogue and exchange between Winegrowers and thousands of visitors, that has decided to re-propose FIVI even 2012, offering still have a chance to those who want to buy directly the best-liked wines.
This year, the market will take place on the first weekend of December, SATURDAY 1 AND SUNDAY 2, to Piacenza Expo, the fairgrounds next to the motorway exit Piacenza Sud, just one hour from Milan, Brescia, Bergamo, Verona, Mantova, Parma, Reggio Emilia, Alexandria, Voghera.


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