An aperitif with Sirio Maccioni, Mr. Le Cirque. By Filippo Gozzoli to latest news (a new restaurant and a new book) passing through la cucina italiana, and not only

by Saturday, August 25, 2012

For Filippo Gozzoli, former chef at the Park Hyatt in Milan and, for a few months, Villa del Quar Verona, It's probably the shot of life. In a month will debut the new Le Cirque – the world's most famous restaurant, between the 151 East and the 58th in New York – and at The Pierre hotel's restaurant (Taj Hotel chain), in the heart of the Big Apple, called Sirius. SIRIUS as Sirio Maccioni, the owner of the world's most famous restaurant. Your GeishaGourmet spoke today at lunchtime with the same Maccioni, met in Montecatini – where I am to Miss Italy – for an aperitif at the Bar Biondi.

The restaurateur of the Presidents of the United States ("we call it the dependance of the White House ... I was a good friend of Kennedy, but from the 1960s to today, I have to say that I have known them all») every year back to visit his native country and did not want to know to feel American. Despite living outside Italy by more than 60 years, spoken and Tuscan accent are intact and with their love for a land left reluctantly to seek fortune by Guy, so much that he purported to deliver all three of his sons in Tuscany.

The Sirius at The Pierre, 120 covered and some private rooms, will replace the Le Caprice, closed at the end of March, and propose a purely Italian and Tuscan cuisine in particular, with a menu of pizzas, in an environment with less formal style, designed, as for other restaurants of Maccioni Group, by Adam Tihany. The atmosphere of Sirius in New York will be very similar to that of Sirius in Las Vegas, "felliniana". If you ask Maccioni cooking goes, at this time, in the Big Apple, the answer is determined, as his character: «The good one. There is only one in the world and is good». And Gozzoli as there has arrived? «In Milan I know all are great friend of Paolo Panerai, Class Publisher. I told Philip that must be smart: too many chefs spoil the restaurants. The point is that a Cook must first of all know that a restaurant is a public service and that the priority must be to satisfy the tastes of customers. You do what asks the people and then say them to try other things ... In America all go mad for chicken alla parmigiana, a recipe that in Italy there, Why shouldn't we do it?». Le Cirque has today 3 Michelin Stars. How important is the guide to America? "Michelin has failed in full in the United States – says Maccioni – and in Italy gave great stars to restaurants 22 covered ... Stuff you don't believe, I will not go so small restaurants ever».

Big fan of Fiorentina («tonight Della Valle invited me to see Fiorentina-Udinese», tells happy about returning to the stage), tognazzi also directed some ' family comes before everything», crazy lover of one of his nieces (Stella, 6 years and already three spoken languages to perfection), Sirio Maccioni says not having idols, but for Paul Bocuse would pay out of Pocket because of his being made a monument: ' (A) 82 He still goes every day to work. For me it's the greatest chefs in the world». And of cooks and Italian cuisine, What do you think? ' Is a winner, but would that Italians give more to do. In restaurants, in Italy and abroad, can't find never an owner. We are one of the family is always there».

Sirio Maccioni is a man from the adventurous life, worth no transpose. «Already done – it tells me -. HBO has produced two years ago a film about my family, It is titled "a table in heaven", but Italy has not yet arrived. ..». The title, apparently, It was inspired by the friendship of Sirius with Pope Giovanni Paolo II. But it's not over, because after the first book, also released in Italy under the title my life, my restaurant. The secrets to the success of The Cirque, approximately in a month will be released in America the second: «It is the best book that has ever been made: a book signed by the three biggest photographers in the world that also contains all the recipes of 5 chefs who were at Le Cirque. I still think people should come in my premises to understand what we do. ..». The Maccioni Group relies on three New York restaurants Le Cirque, the circus in Manhattan and soon the Sirius -, Le Cirque and Circo at Bellagio in Las Vegas, the Sirius at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, La Cana and Le Cirque to Casa del Campo in Dominican Republic and, latest, Le Cirque at the Leela Palace New Delhi. The favourite dish of Sirius? «The real Italian boiled. While my favorite wines are the Solaia and Sassicaia».

A little’ history of Sirio Maccioni, here.


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