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by Monday, August 13, 2012

A, No, one hundred thousand. The food and wine of Lago di Garda is little so, pirandelliana: a common denominator, that is surely represented by freshwater fish and citrus fruits; No unique identity because its water mirror reflected three regions (Trentino, Veneto and Lombardia); one hundred thousand dishes and wines to be discovered, because the Venetian culinary traditions, Trentino and Lombardy here are able to create a palette of proposals from infinite shades. Shekerando well with the history of these places, the landscapes, Sports attractions, Spa proposals and culture, the resulting drink is undoubtedly explosive.

We start from the northern end of Lake Garda: Riva and Torbole, in Trentino, are home for surfers and sailors and here, walking among Palm trees and ancient fortresses, You can't miss the opportunity to try the carne salada, the plums of Dro and broccoli of Torbole, paired with fresh bubbles of Trentodoc. By qlì, then, you sink down crossing the borders of Veneto, where the first stage will be Malcesine, where hi-tech cable car that leads straight to the top of Monte Baldo, from where you can admire a breathtaking landscape. But there is more: the second cabin trunk – all glass and steel – rotates on itself, offering passengers a vision to 360 degrees and the sensation of flying. From Monte Baldo on Lake famous truffles arrive, herbs and flowers and mountain, for some time now, even an intense saffron: products that are labelled in both traditional and creative dishes (provarte from Leandro Luppi, chef and owner of restaurant Vecchia Malcesine,Via Pisort 6, tel. 045/740 0469). Castelletto di Brenzone is another must for gourmets: in this little town perched on the shores of Lake, among the olive trees, oleanders and eucalyptus, There is the Osteria Al Pescatore (Via Pier 31, tel. 045/7430702), considered by many one of the temples of Italy of fish Lake. There is menu, because the table comes only the catch of the day: Lake whitefishes, Pike in sauce, Chub patties, Macaroni to tench, tagliolini with persico and peas to the succulent fried carp, by watering with a pink Bardolino. A few kilometres further down, Here is Punta San Vigilio, one of the most romantic place in the world. Here, stop along the Avenue of cypresses at the end of which lies the sixteenth-century villa, by Sanmicheli, with its Italian gardens. Continue to the cobblestone Street that will see a glimpse of the ancient Lemon Grove with Beautiful Venus statue, il porticciolo, from which you can admire the beautiful landscape around the lower Lake, and Locanda San Vigilio, one of the oldest hotels in Italy, that in its five hundred years of history has inspired artists, reconciled humanists and philosophers and sealed new and old loves. Napoleon, Tsar Alexander II, Winston Churchill, Prince Carlo, King Juan Carlos of Bourbon, Lawrence Olivier and Leigh journalist Viviane are just some of the people who have sought refuge there.

It won't be easy to leave Punta San Vigilio, but the journey must continue. The chic resort, Garda and Bardolino, Lazise with its terme di Colà (two ponds and a cave surrounded by a secular Park studded with Cedars, cypress trees, tuie, Badgers and beech), then Lugana, already the province of Brescia, homeland of the white wine, captivating and seductive, to taste maybe sitting at one of the many nearby restaurants Sirmione, embraced by walls which is lost in history along with its ancient baths, of Roman origin (Don't miss the “Grotte di Catullo”, built between the 1st century. a. C. and the sec. a.d.). Crossed, then, Desenzano and his worldliness, It lands in Valtenesi, the area between the Lake Garda and the hills moreniche in province of Brescia, that includes both coastal towns like Padenghe, Moniga, Manerba and San Felice del Benaco, both Hill towns like Puegnago, Polpenazze and Soiano del Lago. This is the home ofextra virgin olive oil Pdo Garda Bresciano, of Truffle of Valtenesi and artichokes can be enjoyed at one of the many Holiday cottages of the area, where the fresh homemade pasta is a must-have essential, together with the unusual cassata gardesana. Ruby Groppello and Chiaretto tourmaline color are the two must-see oenological products, but there are many others, to discover maybe doing a stop to azienda agricola Redaelli de Zinis, in Calvagese della Riviera, where nine generations producing wine and olive oil.

In Gardone Riviera, il Vittoriale di Gabriele D'Annunzio is a certain, but there's still a few miles to go, to reach Tremosine and Limone sul Garda, Italian capital of longevity and, ça va sans dire, of the lemon groves. Until the 1940s the country was confined to isolation and reachable only via Lake: so the lemon trees were able to preserve in a mutated form of blood Apolipoprotein call Apo A-1 Milan, It generates a beneficial variant of high density cholesterol useful to decrease the risk of arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular disorders. This is their secret of long life. If Dna can not inherit with a simple holiday, try to do an injection of relaxation in the middle of Tao Park Hotel Imperial, fabulous 5 stars pointing everything about Chinese medicine in order to find some remnant of youth. Worth a try. To regenerate body and soul, so much, We have already thought of the delicacies you have 100,000 tasted before coming so far.


(my article to monthly at the table, July 2012)





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