One night between the aromas with the rice King Gabriele Ferron Tramin | 11 August 2012

by Friday, August 10, 2012

In front of the splendid contemporary architecture of Cantina Tramin, set by vineyards and mountains as far as the eye can see, the Night's flavourings ' will offer the chance to taste one of the most refined and precious rice productions, the Riseria Ferron of Isola della Scala (VR) combined with a selection of labels from Cantina Tramin, responsible for some of the most precious and prized interpretations of Gewürztraminer.

The kitchen master Gabriele Ferron, a descendant of the family that has six generations working the rice at la Pila Vecia, the most ancient structure of craftsmanship still working in Italy, Cook eight risotto creating a marriage of flavors and fragrances with the wines of Cantina Tramin. Each of the eight plates specially created, will be served sequentially in pairs of two hot meals every hour. The combination with some of the best wines from Cantina Tramin, demonstrates the versatility of the labels from the Winemaker's work nate Willi Stuerz, that from 1995 He accompanied to the international hit this South Tyrolean wine cellar.

Advances about an exotic and unexpected Melon and shrimp risotto mantecato al gorgonzola, that will be enriched by the strong scents of Roen Late Harvest Gewürztraminer, Thanks to its bottom and intense honey notes of exotic fruit and candied fruits. Substantial and essential choice that will instead in the characteristics of the value Lagrein cellar Tramin: a Lagrein risotto that challenge in its purity the classicism of this deep red and full, with the scent of violets and blackberries.

The night of flavourings will be an open air festival to enjoy a cool summer evening, featuring live music, during which you can buy a package of this precious rice and wine pairing recommended. A party that will continue online, because on the site you will find published the original recipes created for the occasion.


Cantina Tramin, custodian of the most beautiful scents of Gewürztraminer

Thanks to the Dolomites and the shape of the land, Gewürztraminer vineyards give wines of Cantina Tramin extremely rich silky texture and mineral, balanced and elegant, with a vibrant intensity that turns olfactory aroma of Muscat, rose petal, spices and Oriental food as the Lychee in a crescendo of suggestions that evolve through the years of production and refinement. The best vineyards consecrated to this variety of microzone are Söll (Saddle) and Rungg (Ronchi), where the wine becomes rich and smooth, Thanks to mineral intake, and the aromas of the grapes are protected from cool alpine climates.


Cantina Tramin Strada del Vino 144 Tramin (BZ) Tel 0471 096633


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