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by Friday, July 27, 2012

I get a recipe and griffatissima of Uliassi to Mumm Rosé. The text accompanying the posting is this.

The pairing here proposed is bold and ingenious: a deeply divided and complex champagne as g. H. Mumm Brut Rosé contrasted with a naked true flavor like that of a cuttlefish cooked with its entrails.

A plate and a champagne in many ways at odds: the fresh element of seppiolina and great acidity of g. H. Mumm Rosé; the aromatic intensity of sea urchin and the delicate notes of blackcurrant and raspberry champagne.

Sensory combination, But first of all conceptual art. The starting point is respect of the raw materials, his profound knowledge, the wisdom of ' taste ' that allows you to capture the elements which characterise the product and, to emphasise that point, equilibrarli, bilanciarli. This is the basis of the assemblage of g. H. MUMM Brut Rosé and the recipe that chef Mauro Uliassi has thought this summer.

Cuttlefish are ' dirty ' or cleaned only by sand, the liver and iced-blended ricci are designed to give support to the bitter taste of iodine and carbolic, While herbs extend sapidity and bitter note of dissolved roasting.

G. H. MUMM Brut Rosé is processed in observance of an ancient rule of Champagne, combining white wines and red wines selected by the Chef de Cave Didier Mariotti. Pinot Noir predominates and gives strength, character, color and offers an exceptional persistence. Pinot Meunier stabilizes, lively and fruity notes and allows the Chardonnay to express his finesse and elegance.

Eastern Quay restaurant Uliassi 6 Senigallia
Cuttlefish "dirty", aromatic herbs, the liver of the squid and sea urchin granita

Ingredients (for 4 people)

8 young cuttlefish
55 GR of sea urchins
50 g young squid livers of carbon sepia
qb vinaigrette

Salt, pepe, aromatic herbs: Red dead nettle, centocchio, Roman Mint, Chinese rhubarb, watercress, oregano, water celery, acetosella, Shepherd's purse, Triple Green, Matricaria chamomilla, plantain, Wild lettuce, Wild sea fennel, perilla, cutting garlic, aspraggine.

For the vinaigrette:

80g oil
30 Sherry g
2 GR salt
For the sepia charcoal:
Make a ciabatta bread with cuttlefish ink .
Break it and allow it to dry out in the oven. Grind and pass it through a sieve mesh large. Toasting dry crumbs in pan with garlic and oil


Clean the herbs
Remove the squid beak and stomach leaving the skin and liver. Rinse, cut into large chunks, flavour with a little extra virgin oil and brief frying to jump in cast iron pan. Mix livers with half of sea urchins . Ask to freeze the remaining half of the curls and then cut into large cubes ice cream as a pea to create a sort of granita

To pass: (for the presentation)
on the bottom of a large Holster lay a little liver sauce and curly, have in the midst of all the aromatic herbs, seasoned with a little salt, vinegar and oil, Add the Herb Salad with pieces of fried squid and sea urchin granita sprinkle with a little sepia charcoal to give musicality to the plate.


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