From Foodycall to Foodster. A little’ food slang

by Thursday, July 26, 2012

Surfing the net I came across an American urban slang site. I started to scartabellarlo looking for some neologism related to food and wine and I jump out? These Devils of Americans have also managed to summarize in one word this well known how old concept: “the/invite him out for dinner, but I do not give nothing of dinnertime, is a pretext for from in bed, I hope…”. Here's, What we express ourselves with fifteen words – variables depending on the gift of synthesis supported even by some playful expression – in New York City is called foodycall.

Being the foody (or foodie) is someone who appreciates good food, then I wonder: the foodycall is directed only to invitations with ulterior motive to the gourmet facts?! The Urban Dictionary does not explain… 😉

The foodycall is not to be confused with the Foody call, a space between a Word and the other that makes the difference: the foody call is an invitation to dinner you do to someone simply because you don't want to eat alone… The suggestion is to let you send an sms, because I see it hard understanding, a voce, If it is a foodycall or a foody call…

But let's see’ in other words, really interesting and fun:

Foodboner: erotic motto stimulated by the thought of someone that you love combined with a food go crazy.

Foodang! = What the hell! = Damn!

Foodasaur: person who loves to eat more than anything else in the world.

Foodaholic: someone who loves food.

Foodcentric: a non-foody snob, He loves the pleasure of getting out to dinner like cooking for friends, that is good to cook but not trumpets to 4 twenty.

Foodell: the erotic pleasure that you try to sprinkle food the naked body of his partner.

Foodgasm: that that happens when you eat a food especially seductive. The most common effects are as follows:
1. Become weak in the knees
2. Gyrate eyes and then close, and this usually follows the exclamation “But it's pretty darn good!”
3. The taste is so overwhelming that you are missing your breath…

Foodster: someone who makes the snobby talking about unknown ingredients and complicated cooking techniques throughout the evening praising his skills and its refinements.




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