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by Monday, July 23, 2012

To Lamon, Home of the famous Venetian precious beans, I did stop at the tavern hosted by former Bridge Inn Serra. There, a table of typical products on sale catching my attention: among the various types of specialties, I notice a lot containing strange cylindrical-shaped potatoes. I read on the label, written by hand and even the manufacturer's name and phone (one thing as much as chic crafts to find the contact details of the producer that ches are buying!), It's potatoes cornette. I ask the gods to bartender, that explains: «To force that don't have never heard, are now extremely rare, Why is a company too expensive collect». This also justifies the price, quasi equivalente all’oro 😉 , by 10 euro per 3 chili. But they are all. Get the tips to prepare my potatoes cornette, that cling to me like a trophy: the death they are cooked in the oven, with clean skin for good, sprinkled with salt, Rosemary and a little’ of oil.

Back at home, so do I (Cyprus salt, Rosemary of roto), also adding some butter Flake. The result is amazing. The flavor is intense, the pasta tasty soda. One leads to another. Combined with cheese, then, handsets are a real treat.

During cooking, 45 minutes in a ventilated oven at 200° C, I have documented and I discovered other ways to cook these delicacies are cooked, steamed or fried. Then I girellato on the internet hunting for more information on this rarity so nice and good, that is dotted with some’ throughout the veneto, but that of course is his election in the territory of the Dolomiti bellunesi. The potato Cornet is inscribed on the traditional Venetian food products recognized by Ministry of agriculture, Alimentari e Forestali, It is an early variety that complements its production cycle in 90 days and is collected in July. AND’ a potato soda that should be consumed within a couple of months from the collection.

Product description: It is currently grown in few companies as a species boundary and its production, does not exceed 100 quintals. The potatoes are small sized handsets and cylindrical. Long on average by 5 to 8 cm and with a diameter between 1 and 3 cm. The Peel is yellow and the dough, very compact, Ivory colour.

Production process: Cornette potatoes are cultivated in open fields, After an appropriate soil preparation that must be soft and well structured because these tubers have little power to root penetration. The land also should be well worked and kept ventilated and treated with sarchiature and during fertilization takes place and only with organic substances. Planting takes place in April and collected by October. The preservation of these potatoes is dry and in the dark (wineries) or wrapped in wheat straw.

Findability: Given the small quantities produced, These potatoes are used almost exclusively for own consumption and family can be found occasionally at some retailers sold the region of production.

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  • giulia
    July 23, 2012

    also known as the potato bur or bec or ratta potato ;))

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