Collapses the Italian exports of wines in bulk, but grow and sparkling bottles

by Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In 2011, with 23,5 million hectoliters sent across borders, Italian wine exports had scored a record peak. In the first quarter of 2012, speak clearly Ismea data – talk about a -8% on an annual basis in terms of quantity, in the face of a good trend of monetary amounts (+7%). To suffer major repercussions were bulk wines, segment that had towed instead last year. In the quarter under review, accomplices important increases of average unit values (+37%), the entire sector of loose blamed a reduction of almost a quarter of shipments. A trend that is also an explanation in greater competitive pressure from some important producers of the new world, in particular from Australia, Chile and Argentina, that just about bulk are acting with greater determination in order to increase the quotas on the international markets.

Add to that a strong competitive impulse, detects Beverfood, Spain's who continues to push exports, albeit with less intensity than last year. A phenomenon that, in this first trimester, led Madrid at the top of the world, high-volume exporters, position historically held by Italy.

Regarding the shrink-wrapped, the export of the first three months 2012 does it record, on the contrary, a positive trend in volume (+3%), both in monetary terms (+6%). With regard to the different types of wine, were common to blame the decline more pronounced (-23% in volume compared to the first quarter 2011), While the export of wines Doc-Docg and Igt is increased by 1%. For all the momentum of exports in value was positive instead. Sparkling wines have also recorded a decline in volumes exported of 6%, While the sparkling wines they did score a more 4%. Among the major countries customers, only in the United Kingdom shows a progression in volume of exports of 19,5%. On the contrary, the quantities shipped in Usa and Germany have dropped respectively by 4,1% and of the 6,2%. In the Usa the decrease reflects lower dispatch of packaged wine, in the face of a growth detected for sparkling wine. In Germany, Instead, He weighed reducing 14% bulk wine shipments, partially offset by an increase in exports of packaged (+3%) and sparkling wines (+9%).

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