With Franz Haas in his new vineyard, the highest of Europe made with classic varietals, on Aldino

by Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I must thank the President Ais Umbria, Sandro Camilli, If I could spend a few hours in the company of Franz Haas, one of the most famous South Tyrolean producers.

The time available was not much, and then we went straight to the point. Climate change has resulted in an increase of the temperatures on the South Tyrolean territory (5total hectares of vineyards for the production of 25 million bottles per year): a worrying for many grape varieties, primarily for the Pinot Noir. So the good Franz, still some years ago, had decided to go hunting for commercial properties at high altitude. Once found, You skipping story of bureaucratic dies (It arrived only very little possibility of planting vineyards at any altitude, First there was the limit of 500 Mt slm), in February 2012 started experimenting. THE 12 hectares of vineyard future probably the highest of Europe made with classic varietals, It counts on a plot composed for 19% from clay: perfect for a Pinot Noir “with balls” – explains Haas, above and view the new experimental vineyard – between this area, just above the village of Aldino to share 1150 Mt slm, and there are vineyards Mahinay 900 m elevation gain, 4 and a half hours of sunshine in addition here and a totally different temperature, clearly fresher. Now we must experience, in half a hectare of Pinot Noir planted, light effects. If all goes well, next year we will experience another hectare of vineyards, This time white grape».

The 12 hectares over Aldino are situated adjacent to the Eggerhof, a company that produces 8 thousand eggs per day.

And then there's the dream. The Monte Corno, that has a predominantly composed of Dolostone: ' (E)’ natural reserve, But if we could get some vineyard, then yes I do fear France».

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  • Fatima Luca
    July 18, 2012

    Between “dreams and flourishes”, in the glass so much substance and humble opinion , the paradigm of Italian Pinot Noir.

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