Wine tourism in Bergamo and surroundings | The first guide the Consorzio tutela Valcalepio downloadable here

by Tuesday, July 10, 2012

AND’ been presented today the first tourism guide of Bergamo and its surroundings by Consorzio tutela Valcalepio. Published in Italian and English, will be distributed free at the Iat of Bergamo and its province, Caravaggio airport Orio al Serio, in restaurants and wine shops and on farms in itinerary hospitality.

A few words about the structure of the Guide:

The Bergamo province was divided into 6 areas, each option is identified by a color that tinged the pages:

area 1: Bergamo and Surroundings, Orange colour

area 2: Valcalepio and the Lakes, blue colour

area 3: Val Seriana and Val di Scalve, Color Purple

area 4: Val Brembana, green color

area 5: Val San Martino Valle Imagna, Yellow

area 6: Isola Bergamasca and plain, Red.

The farms are identified by a green stripe on the top of the page; the restaurants are identified by a red band on the top of the page; the wineries are identified by a purple band on the top of the page.

The restaurants are listed by town, within the various areas, and municipalities are listed in alphabetical order.

Restaurants and wine bars that offer their guests more than 10 testimonials of member companies of the Consortium are identified by the Consortium sticker.

The Tourism Guide in figures:

– 238 are the locals who decided to join the initiative of the Consortium, demonstrating that over a quarter of restaurants of Bergamo and the province proposes in its wine list at least 3 Valcalepio of labels 3 different companies belonging to the Consortium (This indeed was the discriminating to fit in);

– 9 restaurants offer in its wine list a selection of 10 or more Member companies to the Consorzio Tutela Valcalepio, a demonstration of the fact that it is important to believe in our area and present it in a more accurate and varied as possible to the public;

– 17 the wine bars of Bergamo and the province offering 5 or multiple labels of companies in the territory to their patrons;

– 60 the restaurants in and around Bergamo, 34 those in Valcalepio and the Lakes, 62 the facilities in Val Seriana and Val di Scalve, 26 those of Val Brembana, 20 Val San Martino and Valle Imagna and 36 Bergamasca island and plain.

– 25 the companies of the Consorzio Tutela Valcalepio forming part of the circuit of hospitality, which will be dedicated a special section of the guide that will collect information about the possibility of organizing farm tour, wine tasting and purchasing typical products.

The Guide, It will be printed in 10.000 copies, will be distributed for free at local businesses and supporters, at the tourist points of the city and the province and through the IAT network.

guida_enoturistica bergamo 2012

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