The Vis: Quality Empire | At Hilton Rome Cavalieri cellar event crossed out fiercely from Enopress and the mystery of the Bernese mountain dog

by Tuesday, July 3, 2012

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  • ( The title is the invitation that we received for the tasting organized in Rome at the Hotel Cavalieri Hilton – The three question marks, Instead, are Enopress and relate the story of the group La-Vis, so the word ' Empire’ and finally the word ' quality '.

“Available previews of new productions – wrote in an email Marco Raengo(an old time as a solid knowledge for professionals, now Marketing and communications ) – and advances of the new vintage of the companies that belong to the cooperative thirty always embraced the quality in the bottle: The Vis – Cembra – Mountain Winery – Cesarini Sforza Spumanti – Villa Cafaggio – Poggio Morino

“You are of course invited to intervene as friends of the company, presenting at reception and provide us with your data.
Another way to remember your attachment to our company that you have repeatedly expressed with visits to our facilities or talking about us in your articles. “A whole day… at home here more details

After years of friendships, participation in the work and interesting sperimantazioni conducted by the group La-Vis in Valle di Cembra, the launch and growth of a wine from major projects hub, an invitation so couldn't go unheard, Although troubled by location and by the Organization.

So the Director of Enopress, together with the expert taster and writer Mauro Maccario, accompanied by Davide Ghaleb occurred at reception on the day indicated, provided their data and received: a cutting to mark the sample tables and a photocopied sheet headed Italian Sommelier Association Rome with the list of companies and La-Vis wines, Stories of the Screw-Vis: Quality Empire.

The one-time Empire, We'll know later. The current Empire is led by a Commissioner and, What ' friends’ (How do we define the mail) We felt somewhat duped and even indignant.

At the entrance to the Cavalieri Hilton no formalities, nobody to greet us and, What even more serious, at present the insiders, new manager still unknown to us as to the general public. No press release, No brochures and information on homes and products, no analysis and no information about new cellar and commercial manager.

Verily We felt very at home (always invited the mail of Mr. Raengo), even after participating in the guided tasting of 7 wines, that ended with a general laugh for the rapporteur, which is asked why they had not slid, on the big screen as inert and silent in sala, those pictures of wonderful mountain amphitheatres of viticulture in Valle di Cembra that she constantly extolled, inviting the audience to imagine’ the beauties.

The bernese dog '’ attends to taste – Of uneasiness in bewilderment, that took about 3 hours of our presence, We fowarded in sterile tasting room, aseptic white, almost operating room, but this time visibly animated by a dog, you own a dog – oho reader, be prepared to be surprised.

A majestic bernese was among the professional tasters and aspirants, before returning to wag its tail near him who was to be his master and a handful of boundary characters we guessed to be the central thrust of the new La-Vis. Later, Thanks Google!, We have traced other spectacular feats. Fortunately they were not in great red wines tasting, otherwise it would have been difficult to advance praise leather bound, pelo, saddle and various essudorazioni..

But as Empire….

The past – Intrigued by the absolute lack of information, those companies and typical when you have, mainly as a result of major changes in their structures, alerted by sounds and comments (still awaiting receive corporate information requested directly to La-Vis), We asked Google about that reality that – years ago – Enopress had defined “Expression of a territory successful interpretation of the Cantina La Vis e Valle-di Cembra, a ' multinational’ by 1300 winemakers that aims to invest at least 30 million euros in the further development, the heart and the brain of a group which includes Cesarini Sforza Spumanti, Rinaldi Wines, La-Vis Wine Export, Casa Girelli, Villa Cafaggio Marine and Poggio in Tuscany and FW Wines in New York.”

What is left of all this, especially to the poor grower members that with great effort we've seen join the great dream on hard slopes of high altitude. Already many years ago Enopress claimed their territorial vocation and their specialties in a lively exchange with prof. Attilio Scienza. It was fashionable for the Olympic sport of Curling.

“Our heritage is the territory” wrote years ago Enopress, reporting the statements of the leaders of the cellar, “now tip of a dynamic group active in Italy and abroad, a statement is particularly important these days that make us see the disputed territory as key factor in wine production. With this slogan well-rooted in every its action, Cantina La Vis e Valle di Cembra knew in enhance the productions featured in 1400 has. of its vineyard and ensure 1300 Members who make up the, development, growth and prestige: become credible and recognized mark of quality 30. It has not been an easy path but certainly gave a lot of satisfaction to those who believed in ambitious projects as winners that have revolutionized the understanding of cooperation as an instrument of economic value, to deal with the markets of the third millennium.”


At Google we find and read:

Cantina La Vis, International yellow – The doubts of Pd: clarify the relations with American society End & Wine

LaVis: those who have killed and why – The caste of the unpunished

The milch cow – New documents on LaVis: as the Curia's financial and an obscure American society have impoverished growers. Of course there is who gains: all names, by the Bishop to….

Related articles in this issue: The peasants money – QT n. 4, April 2012 and the inglorious end of what was enhanced as the ‘the multinational 1.300 wine growers’. That Enopress in his time has helped illustrate and that now makes us feel deeply disappointed, duped and outraged.

But beauty comes with the replies of the Director of “This Trentino” under the title THE LABOURS OF ALAKAZAM. A reading that explains in full those attitudes that we noticed during the tasting and confirming Chronicles and voices, never denied, that recount past experiences in other wine cellar and bring us on the trail of a ubiquitous dog.

King A Disillusioned (Thursday, 14 June 2012, 17:39)

Dear Member Disillusioned, relative to Ercolino believe that you're right, as the Chronicles of Lavis report that this Lord is person of dubious professionalism , so much for being nice (see latest issue of QT) sense (at the expense of shareholders) a lautissimo salary for doing a job at least useless (type to change the names of the wines to show that does something, or invent absurd investments such as the cellar to Salorno open to March and that is said to be already longer as flop)
– as you say yourself the partners must maintain its (omissis) Personal Secretary
– the sovracitati members would also retain the dog above gentleman , that reportedly is staying in his Office and is carried around the country by personnel of the cellar on the orders of Mr Ercolino (I am not kidding, This thing is the joke of the town).
How can the Commissioner justify situations like this , that would be scandalous in an economically healthy , and a fortiori are unsustainable in a reality where money THERE are MORE’ ?????

And what about the Relais Maso Franch?? – “A SIP of the territory: the real and fascinating of the Valle di Cembra”, Enopress wrote, that will soon boast another gem, the Relais Maso Franch Gourmet, a temple of ' magiarbere’ This expression of the Valley and its region, no less than of his enterprising winemakers. ' The strength of the bond between man and land ', as they say here.”. So writes Enopress of what was described as the future Temple of ' mangiarbere’ and perhaps then transformed in only eats-eat.

La-Vis wines tasting in Rome – At the event we wondered why a company in deep restructuring, trade also, with representatives who share the territory, organises an expensive presentation to be totally specialists of tasting, one of the organizations of the sommelier, rather than summon the press and commercial operators that present new projects, new manager, new products in order to take stock of the past and open a new course.

That the “Trentino cooperative is always a symbol of the quality in the bottle” is a statement that dates back to many years ago, When the project quality (that to be construed that allowed the birth of Portraits) was transplanted also in the mountains with an exclusive selection, proposal in a few thousand bottles for real gourmets and connoisseurs.

Memories and experiences in the past, than reported in numerous articles Enopress (see – SEARCH. Cantina La-Vis/Valle di Cembra) shortly we found in wines presented at the check-in taste of the Hotel Rome Cavalieri ( already lined up for two thousand wines of Bibenda Publisher and to be available in the App Store).


1. TrentinoMüllerThurgau Cadrobbi 2011

2. Gewürztraminer Trentino Clinga .

3. Trentino Pinot Grigio Arcadia 2011

4. Trentino Chardonnay Manci 2011

5. Gewürztraminer Trentino to the fathers ' 1011

6. The Other Mabee 2010

7. Raw TrentinoLaggrein 2010


8. Nlüller Thurgau Trentino Vines of the Forche 2011

9. Trentino Riesling Cancor 2011

10. Trentino Valvalè Slave 2011

11. Trentino Pinot Nero Vineyard of Sausent 2010


12. Alto Adige Pinot Grigio 2011

13. S üdtirol Chardonnay 2011

14. Südtirol Gewürztraminer 2011

15. Südtirol Gewürztraminer Lochrachhof 2011

16. Alto Adige Lagrein, 2011

17. Alto Adige Pinot Nero 2010


18. Trentodoc Eagle Reserve Brut 2004

19. Trentodoc Brut Ros6 Tridenturn

20. Tridentum Brut Trentodoc


21. Morellino Di Scansano DOCG2009

22. Morellino Riserva DOCG 2007


23. Chianti Classico 2009

24. Cortaccio 2006


Some considerations on wines tasted

We knew the wines of La-Vis as champions of type and territory, the Trento area who was standard-bearer of genuineness and quality that over the years we have learned to appreciate and recognize. During the tasting of new vintages 2010-2011 the new group course, We were baffled; almost nothing we found the quality of the past. A tasting where they dominated more shadows that lights in the labels presented. 24 samples exposed to taste that have not convinced nor enthused. WIMP-wines, without personality, without the characteristic and typical aromatic scents and enveloping of whites trentini. The Muller Thurgau, the Gewurztraminer, the Pinot Grigio were far below expectations, not exciting nor white wines in the structure, nor in the aromatic range that is sometimes poor result, weak, without strong relevance.
As for white wines, the only one who got us interested and favourably impressed was the Trentino Riesling Cancor 2011 the mountain Winery Cembra, as for the reds, theTrentino Pinot Nero Vineyard of Sausent 2010 It was the only vessillifero a mountain viticulture, Despite a general lack, He maintained an acceptable quality standards and in line with the past. For the rest, as I was saying, a few lights and many also in the shadows of the Cesarini Sforza spumanti present (especially the Trentodoc Tridentum Brut Rosé), with too much froth, too dense and persistent, preventing the sight of bubbles and clean liquid drink.
In essence the whole production line presented should be, in our opinion, revised and corrected on the highest levels of quality worthy of a mark like that La-Vis which has accustomed us, over time, good wines, a certain level of quality and with distinct characters of territoriality. Amidst all these shadows, in the desolation of tasting, the label that has slightly eased our disappointment and our dismay, It was the Sudtirol Gewürztraminer 2011 Dürer-Weg line. A fresh and aromatic white, with hints of white flowers, a mixture of honey, Apricot and slight hints of PEAR, all supported by a recollection of ginger and a slight hint of iodine that is only in the first few minutes. In mouth is soft, persistent and fat, balanced by a good freshness and endowed with a certain persistence.


7 Responses
  • Franco
    July 4, 2012

    I haven't figured out who would be the owner of the cattle dog lavisano dog. Perathoner?

  • Mafaldo
    July 4, 2012

    To be true to say that the Group (But how many companies are to form a group?) Lavis, possesses an imperial vocation.Operation (surgery for taxpayers who pay taxes to the province as well as the State) Maso Franch was the return of capital invested in 475 years ( keeping a daily average of 200 coffee and 70% of covered). Some imperial millennial scale retrieve the investment in 475 years there may also be.
    After this umpteenth figuraccia away this time ( that shows absolute incompetence and entrepreneurial literacy, as well as a total lack of style that translates into a lack of respect for its partners, these gentlemen should not longer have the courage to be seen around. Pipe dream,Indeed there is to bet that their ways of making will be even more arrogant strong their political coverage and finance and nothing else. And everything a magna magna. and the protagonists of the events denounced in a documented Lavis and deepened by “This Trentino” cover shoulders with one another.

    • Gourmet Geisha
      July 4, 2012

      The work of This Trentino is heroic…

      • Marco
        July 10, 2012

        The owner of the ox driver is the trentinissimo Vincent Ercolino ……who is struggling against all in trentino for salvaguarare the territoriality principle and cooperation… its interventions before and during the events to which I attended are enlightening, with the output of an artist worthy of curtain-raiser.

  • Minos
    July 9, 2012

    Hi geisha , you heard muller thurgau la-vis group at the recent exhibition of Swiss wines ? a friend told me that is was very disappointed compared to other years , one or two steps back … you say you ?

    • Gourmet Geisha
      July 10, 2012

      I was in the Aosta Valley for work, Unfortunately I was not… And to be honest I haven't heard from anyone…

  • Minos
    July 11, 2012

    Marco calls him an actor of variety shows… Maybe it's more a multifaceted artist . At national level the occupational history this gentleman campano ( I seem to avellino ) is pretty note , within its details not otherwise I cut the post . For those who want to know more just read the article in the June issue of questotrentino , titled eloquent ” the labours of alakazam ” , Although perhaps not fully regarding deeds makes epic of this character is used to draw a picture summary. Definitely geisha in his career as a journalist for the wine has got to know him well. Good luck to owners of coop lavisana, they badly need !

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