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by Friday, June 29, 2012

The feeling is very similar to that of a waking up after a night spent between silk sheets: you feel him gliding lightness, impalpability, great taste, refinement, extreme quality, well-being. Certain, ça va sans dire, even luxury and bien vivre, in an alchemical concoction that surrounds you and intoxicates you. Here's, the Krug always makes me this effect. A mood – to put it as the experts life style – I was accompanied throughout the viaggio a Reims, ended yesterday, on the occasion of Krug Celebration Week, Edition zero of what would become, in the future, a sort of version of Champagne of the Italian Festival “Open cellars”. To test the approval rating, La Maison perhaps the world's most prestigious used as guinea pigs five reporters for each of the seven strategic countries for the brand: Germany, Sweden, Scandinavia, Japan, England, United States and Italy (including c'ero anch'io). The result? A full immersion in the world of what the President of Krug, Margareth Henriquez, called "the art of creating Champagne», between philosophy, emotions, dreams and history. Just this, for Krug, was the result of a reconstruction work which is originated in a booklet just printed and on which the Maison focuses because "a luxury brand needs, Besides an undisputed quality extreme, a history and a founder», explains Henriquez.

Margareth Henriquez President of Krug

The Henriquez and his passion while explains the philosophy and work in Krug

The founder of Krug is Johann Josef Krug, a visionary, a dreamer, a man who was able to break the rules to advance his philosophy that brooked no compromise, He had figured out how the Champagne was, for his followers, the quintessential pleasure. And for this reason Josef claimed to give its clients the maximum pleasure possible, creating every year, Despite harvest variables, a product of undisputed quality and high.

Josef Krug

His story begins in the middle of the 1800: Johann-Josef Krug, an immigrant from Germany (as were many famous names Champagne), gives away his career in 1941 going to work for the giant Champagne then, the Jacquesson. The success is immediate, so much so that successful year becomes partner. His way always marked, but Josef, Instead, is not satisfied. So, in 1842 settled in Reims and acquires a share of Maison Hipployte de Vivès, It will detect all the next year: the 1843, In fact, It is the year of birth of the Maison Krug.

Olivier Krug to Clos de Ambonnay

With Olivier Krug, Today the House of Champagne group LMVH in detecting 1999, is the sixth generation. Olivier takes care of the Directorate-General. AND’ He who welcomes us to Clos de Ambonnay, a plot of land of 0,68 hectares succeed to embrace at a glance and that produces each year from 3000 to 4000 bottles (100% Pinot Noir) the most expensive Champagne in the world (about 3.500 Euro per bottle vintage marketing 1998).

The grapes of Pinot Noir Clos de Ambonnay the 27 June 2012

Raphaele Léon-Grillon, winemaker for Clos de Ambonnay and quality manager

Oliver Krug is the sixth generation, but it points out: Even many of the farmers who take care of our land or that we supply are the sixth generation», a synonym for a relationship which did nothing but consolidation.

The winemaker for Clos de Ambonnay you would expect that someone with her face marked by age and by the time, instead is a young woman, Raphaele Léon-Grillon, and so arrives the confirmation: much of the success of Krug is now in the hands of the women's world. The presidente Henriquez, the winemaker Julie Cavil Raphaele, marketing and communication Director Olivia Crouan-Garg, just to mention those which are most important roles. To be tiled, Olivier Krug and Eric Lebel, Chef de cave. Thanks to this marriage of women and men are produced by the uncommon charm: are five cuvée, each different from the other, each with its own peculiar style, each with emotions as a gift. As a firmament of stars.

The Grande Cuvée is the result of a blend of 120 wines of different vintages, including some of 15 years of age. In blendig game fun when we were involved, Eric Lebel has given us a glimpse of blend 2011, just bottled, It will be launched at the end of 2019.

Then there's the Krug Rosé, a blend of three grapes (Chardonnay, Pinot Munier and Pinot Noir) and as a result of the fermentation of Pinot Noir peels. A great Rosé capable of winning the reticence of Maison, who wouldn't know to do a pink version, deemed suitable only for birthday parties and for women (He tells amused the Henriquez).

Then there are the two great Clos d Ambonnay (the first vintage 1995, followed by 1996 and then from 1998) and the Clos du Mesnil, 100% Chardonnay, produced by vineyard 1,84 hectares in Mesnil-sur-Oger.

Finally, the reserves. In the trade 1998 and the 2000, unless you're lucky enough to be able to open one of “wine library” of Krug, where a few dozen bottles of each vintage are preserved at perfect temperature. For the grand finale of the Krug Celebration Week from there have come out quite a few’ spare Magnum 1985, that intense coffee and washing that they knew of mature and strong, of fullness and great vitality, Despite the age (27 years!).

The wine library reserves Krug

Grand finale of Krug Celebration Week in one of the houses of Krug family, where is the cellar of ageing Grande Cuvée and the wine library. Here is a video and some’ pictures, I share with you because it's not often you find a product and a reality capable of arousing emotions in this way.

From left. I, Jane of Halas, Francesca di Frizzifrizzi, Web super trendy fashion magazine

L'assiette Champenoise, the Castle 1600 with hotel and restaurant 2 Michelin stars, in Reims




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