Bagnolo Mella | Brescia | Sirani

by Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Memorable breakfasts in the morning – confectionery of the highest level but also (bonus) bread-butter-and-jam -, restaurant at midday (where is the lobster Burger) and the evening gourmet pizzeria. Here's the formula for Sirani, one of the three days of pizza lovers: the other two are Renato Saporè of Wood (the”newest arrival) in San Martino Buon Albergo, Verona, and the lime trees of Simone Padoan, in San Bonifacio, getting to Verona, which goes the credit of having been the forerunner of this new trend. And the Lindens were galeotti for Sirani: «Things ran fine, I was thinking of closing, then I met Joshua and I decided to try to follow its way», tells the rough patron Nerio Badari, the new adventure took her and some today knows no crisis: her room is always full and all are lining up to eat his pizza 35, 24, 18 euro. They are good, delicious, hyperbolic ingredients, a paste made with iperselezionate flour, with a rising “eterna” and a chef's creativity of haute cuisine. As Bosco (for now my favorite) and Joshua, of the rest. In Short, try, leaving a space for desserts, because I really have missed.


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